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Erykah Badu Says ‘Fun’ Viral Photo With Daughter Puma Garnered ‘Free Publicity’ for Pants Brand Collab, Claims Critics ‘Don’t Have Enough to Do’

Erykah Badu loves when outrage turns into dollars. The self-proclaimed “analog girl in a digital world” has remained unfazed by the backlash she and daughter Puma Curry received after a photo showing off their form-fitting pants and assets caused a frenzy.

Instead, she embraced it. The “Honey” singer chatted about the viral moment during a Feb. 21 appearance on “The Breakfast Club.” Co-host Charlamagne Tha God said that the “pure” mother-daughter image was made to be something else. Badu agreed as she explained, “Yeah, we just have fun all the time.”

Erykah Badu (left) and Puma Curry (right). (Photo: @pumacurry/Instagram)

The photo that amassed more than 134,000 likes showed Badu, 51, in a pair of red legging-type pants with glossy material that made it appear as though she had on a red thong atop the pants. Curry, 18, rocked a black pair as they both looked back at the camera.

The four-time Grammy winner continued, “Puma’s collabing with a pants brand, really cute pants brand. We do this all time, but I don’t know, I just think people don’t have enough to do … not enough s—t to do. You gon’ stop doing the s—t you doing and interrupt the s—t I’m doing. You don’t have enough to do, and that’s how I look at it.” In the end, she said that “It’s OK, it’s cool, and we count on it. It helps us sell the product, it’s free publicity.” Those who watched the interview commented:

“Erykah Badu is like no other. She stands in her truth and hasn’t ever wavered just evolved, her energy is so infectious but so powerful, love her individualism, very unique and talented lady.”

“She’s fine as hell and it’s not just her looks, it’s her vibe.”

“She is so captivating. I see how she makes people fall for her.”

In her Instagram Story, Curry hit back at critics by posing a question: “I posted a pic (not my mom) of me and my mama badu in come cute form fitting pants. I’m an adult. What’s the real issue? Let’s discuss.” Floods of supporters responded and suggested that most of the people who were upset were probably jealous that they did not share her genetic pool.

The young adult’s father, rap icon The D.O.C., also joined in on the discussion. In a since-deleted comment, he wrote, “All this energy spent gains nothing. No one wins with that. We all lose. It takes a lot to communicate to a young adult sometimes but older adults should absolutely get it. Everyone has their views. G Bless.”

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