‘All This Energy Gains Nothing’: The D.O.C. Hits Back At Critics After Risqué Photo of Daughter Puma and Erykah Badu Go Viral

Erykah Badu and Puma Sabti Curry’s assets have been the topic of conversation this week after fans claimed that Badu was sexually exploiting her daughter following their recent photo showing off “TLZ L’FEMME” leggings.

Erykah Badu and her daughter, Puma Curry. (Photo: @pumacurry/Instagram.)

With opinions flying everywhere, Curry’s father, The D.O.C., decided to step in and speak his thoughts surrounding the trending debate. 

In a now-deleted comment under Atlanta Black Star’s Instagram post, the American rapper respected people’s opinion while noting that no life-changing result came from this dispute.

“All this energy spent gains nothing. No one wins with that. We all lose. It takes a lot to communicate to a young adult sometimes but older adults should absolutely get it. Everyone has their views. G Bless,” he wrote. 

The D.O.C responds to backlash his daughter and Erykah Badu are facing. @c.d.o.c/Instagram

The Texas native also followed in the footsteps of Badu by commenting “Well…” underneath Curry’s recent post clapping back at fans who had so much to say about her and her mother’s cheeky picture. 

Badu responded to her child’s father, calling him, “the best.”

In her clapback, the 18-year-old reminded fans that she uploaded the photos not her mom, negating sexualization rumors.

“I posted a pic (not my mom) of me and mama badu in some cut form fitting pants. I’m an adult. What’s the real issue? Let’s discuss. -pumacurry,” she said. 

Badu appeared to have also responded to all the backlash she’s been getting on Twitter sarcastically writing, “Next year I’ll show y’all a sonogram X-ray of my colon. Dr. Says, and I quote, ‘it’s just the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.’” 

This isn’t the first time Badu replied to critics who didn’t agree with an act of hers. In 2019 at the Aragon Ballroom the “On and On” neo-soul singer spoke out about R. Kelly, wishing that “he sees the light of day,” which did not go over well for some fans who booed Badu after her remark. 

Badu continued to state her opinion despite the negative backlash by writing a message on Twitter that read, “I love you unconditionally. That doesn’t mean I support our poor choices. I want healing for you and anyone you have hurt as a result of you being hurt.”

“Is that strange to you? That’s all I’ve ever said. Anything else has been fabricated or taken out of context. -eb,” she finished. 

Badu’s message to the now locked-up Kelly came after the documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly” had aired. 

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