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‘He Set Us Up’: K-Ci & JoJo Reveal They Were Blindsided When Martin Lawrence Interrupted Their Performance on ‘Martin’ In Resurfaced Clip as Recent Concert Scare Stirs Concerns

K-Ci and JoJo have shared countless memorable moments on stage.

Both as a talented sibling duo and as members of Jodeci, the group they co-founded in the early 1990s that was a cornerstone of R&B music for more than a decade.

However, a resurfaced “This Is 50” interview from 2013 has placed the brothers back into the spotlight just as a recent concert clip has fans questioning JoJo’s wellbeing.

K-Ci & Jojo. (Photo: @realkcijojo/Instagram.)

In the interview with Jack Thriller, the men discussed Jodeci’s unforgettable appearance on the “Martin” show in 1993. During the episode, the group is performing their take on Stevie Wonders’ “Lately” on the “Varnell Hill Show,” with the host played by “In Living Color” alum Tommy Davidson, when Martin Lawrence’s character, Martin Payne, makes an impromptu appearance.

“That was not rehearsed,” said both singers. K-Ci went on to explain that at the time, they were not fully aware of the comedian’s knack for making guests a part of his skits. So, when Lawrence began to sing K-Ci’s signature “ooh yeah” the group was just as shocked as everyone in the audience. “We like, ‘Where the h—l that s—t coming from, man?’ We didn’t know,” said K-Ci.

Thriller chimed in, “He set y’all up?” and both men agreed, “He sat us up, yo.” Furthermore, in the episode, Lawrence fully embodied his inner R&B vocalist as he took over the song and added his own lyrics, too.

At one point, he places his arms on the shoulders of K-Ci and his brother, who ultimately fling the comic off them, which then led him to move on to group members DaVante Swing and Dalvin DaGrate, who both continued playing the piano and drums, respectively, with confused facial expressions.

In the end, the talented duo said the moment of improvisation “came out that dope. That’s classic.”

That nostalgic scene seems like a distant memory after fans witnessed JoJo join his brother for a brief performance of “Lately” earlier this month in suburban Washington at the Theater at MGM National Harbor. Sadly, JoJo has struggled with alcoholism and issues with his pancreas.

His weakened vocals, inability to hit notes, and the fact that others had to assist while he stood stirred concern at the concert. Before he was escorted off the stage, K-Ci held his brother’s arm up as a sign of encouragement while stating, “Say goodnight to JoJo, y’all. We got this, we got this.”

“As someone who was at the concert, they said that his sugar was low. He came back out several times and sat down to sing. They sounded amazing and the show was AMAZING,” claimed one fan who commented on the viral clip.

“This made me sad. Prayers up for JoJo.”

Fans were happy to see Jojo doing what he loves to do, but most hope and wish for a speedy recovery.
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