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‘K-Ci and Sisqó Going to ‘Oh Yeah’ Your Azz for 30 Minutes!’: Fans Debate the Outcome of a Dru Hill and Joedici ‘Verzuz,’ Sisqó Says Jodeci Doesn’t ‘Want That Smoke’

“Verzuz” battles that are not likely to happen continue to have fans pitted against each other. The latest hypothetical throwing down of the gauntlet has R&B groups Dru Hill and Jodeci going hit for hit.

The debate kicked off when popular comedian and social media personality KevOnStage posted, “They killing me for saying Dru Hill can hang when Jodeci on a verzuz.  But I stand by my statement.”

K-Ci and Sisq? Going to 'Oh Yeah' Your Azz for 30 Minutes!': Fans Debate the Outcome of a Dru Hill and Joedici 'Verzuz,' Sisq? Says Jodeci Doesn't 'Want That Smoke'
Jodeci (L) and Dru Hill (R). Photo by Prince Williams/ Getty Images, Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

“He told me that Joedici would wash Dru Hill in a Verzuz…but respectfully I disagree!” Kev then proceeds to play some of Dru Hill’s biggest hits, do a cartwheel, two-step and do the group’s signature “Tell Me” step-and-hop choreography. In three minutes, the comedian played a dozen songs, including a few of the group’s frontman Sisqo’s solo chart-topping records, all to prove he strongly believes the group can hold its own against Jodeci. 

In a poll posted online, Kev asked his followers who would win a “Verzuz” between the two powerhouse groups. Jodeci racked up 56 percent of the votes, leaving only 44 percent for the “Enter the Dru” crew. The results further fueled the back and forth between fans who were just as firm in their convictions about either group winning.

“Yeah, Dru Hill might take that. They would be able to pull from Sisqo’s catalog too. BUT Jodeci can pull from records with Pac, records Devante produced, and at least 2 1/2 K-Ci & JoJo records. So it might be closer than we think,” wrote one person.

“I love Jodeci…..but definitely not a wash. Dru Hill got hits hits.

“Dru Hill vocals, dances and songs beating jodeci any day,” chimed in another.

Another person comically wrote that, “K Ci and Sisqo going to oh yeah your azz for 30 minutes!”

“Jodeci washing them boys… no matter the line up… and I love Dru hill but Jodeci the [goat emoji]”

Word of the debate, and Kev’s zealous support of Dru Hill, was brought to Sisqó’s attention. In a video, he responded by saying, “We love Jodeci, but yeah it’s definitely a massacre. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. You don’t want that smoke.” His take did nothing to but fan the fire as fans are still dropping their opinions on the matter.

Last year, the group posted a video saying they are down to compete in a “Verzuz.” “Whoever want it can get it,” said Sisqó. “Whether it’s Joedicic, Boyz II Men…“112 and Jagged Edge could combine into one group, maybe they could stand a chance.”

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