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‘Stella Has Got Her Groove Back’: Cynthia Bailey Hits the Gym, Shows Off Her Assets After Finalizing Her Second Divorce

Former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey is prioritizing her fitness journey in 2023. 

The newly divorced supermodel uploaded a series of photos in a video to her Instagram page, where fans can see her posing in a white shirt, black cap, and waist trainer in front of barbell squat equipment. Burna Boy’s single”Last Last” played over her recording. 

For the caption, Bailey chose to acknowledge some changes she plans to make this year, writing, “I call this my season of “RE”!”

The prefix “re” indicates again or anew. To give fans a few examples of what she wants to get back to, Bailey wrote over 20 words that start with the prefix.

“Reboot, reset, respect, relieve, revive, reflect, reinforce, revolutionize, reinvent, resilience, resurrect, revitalize, recover, rededicate, reflect, restore, relax, religion, reciprocity, rethink, reconnect, remember, rebirth, resist, recreate.” 

Cynthia Bailey embraces her fitness journey following her divorce from her second husband. @cynthiabailey/Instagram)

Bailey’s post gained over 3,000 likes from fans, and she began to receive praise for seemingly being in a positive mindset despite going through a divorce for the second time. 

“You look amazing girl girl girl Stella has got her groove back Watch out Men You look beautiful WOW.”

“You looked happy when you got married, but gosh you are glowing now!”

“She is doing her for sure!! Let’s go!”

“Keep doing you girl. You look Amazing!!”

“Looking good, Ms. Bailey.”

Bailey’s self-love journey comes one month after she finalized her divorce from talk show host Mike Hill. The two got married on Oct. 10, 2020, after dating for over two years. There has been a lot of talk surrounding infidelities on Hill’s behalf; however, nothing concrete seemingly has come to light. 

In an October 2022 interview on the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast, Bailey revealed that the main reason for their divorce had to do with concern over a potential hit to their friendship. 

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill
Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Photo:@cynthiabailey/Instagram

“I felt like it was just going towards ‘we’re just not going to be friends if we didn’t pump the brakes.’ “

Friendship seems to be a big part of marriage for Bailey, which is no surprise why her first marriage with entrepreneur Peter Thomas fell short. The former power couple tied the knot in 2010, on “RHOA,” and separated in 2016. They finalized their divorce in 2017 after being together for six years.

A few speculated causes for their divorce were said to be financial discrepancies and several cheating allegations placed on Thomas throughout their time as a couple on the show. 

However, from Thomas’ point of view, he believed that Bailey didn’t support his aspirations and blamed his ex-wife’s appeasing on “RHOA” as a factor for their issues. 

Nevertheless, Bailey appears to be directing all her newfound time and attention on herself and finding time for things that align with her goals for 2023.

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