‘Body Language Never Lies’: Lori Harvey Leaves Damson Idris ‘Hanging’ on the Red Carpet at ‘Snowfall’ Premiere

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris made their official red carpet debut at the Los Angeles premiere for the sixth and final season of “Snowfall.”

The 26-year-old model wore a black off-the-shoulder gown while posing next to the show’s lead actor, who stars as Franklin Saint. Damson rocked a dapper navy blue suit with a white shirt and black shoes.

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram.)

Footage of the new couple hit the internet hours later and fans noticed the two practicing a little social distancing on the red carpet. In a 36-second clip, Harvey and the actor can be seen posing for the cameras while one photographer yells, “Lori, you look fantastic.” Another tells the pair to come forward as Idris looks to Lori and begins speaking. It’s unclear exactly what she said but it appeared to be something funny as the SKN by LH founder began laughing and showing her pearly white teeth.

The British entertainer then began slowly backing away from her while holding out his hand to her. “Lori, let’s get a quick single, Lori,” yells another cameraman from behind the video.

Harvey quickly tapped in, striking poses while different cameras continued capturing her beauty solo.

“They standing as if, if this don’t work out they can crop each other out the picture and still keep it,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

“That’s exactly what it’s giving. No shade,” said another.

“Why tf does all her relationships look “business savvy” like when is she gonna find real love. I could be wrong tho.”

“Body language never lies.”

“Why she leave him hanging like that…to take pictures by herself for a show that he’s on.”

“From this very short clip, it looks like they’re friends.”

“Why is Damson holding Lori like a rental that he has to return after the event?”

“Her job is kinda cool. PR gf.”

In response to those opinions, one fan shared photos of the pair smiling, “Y’all need to stop hating, the picz look good.”

Harvey and Idris nearly broke the internet when they revealed their relationship to the world with a sweet photo of the pair cuddling in early January. Since then they’ve set Instagram ablaze with subtle photos on Harvey’s personal page. For Valentine’s Day, the “Farming” star penned a sweet letter to Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter to celebrate spending the last few months as a couple.

“I realized the day it has been exactly 100 days since your beautiful silver dress. Thank God for that dance,” Idris wrote on the Cartier card, paired with roses. “Every day since with you by my side has been my favorite movie. I can’t wait til we hit 1000 months. Happy Valentine’s Day baby. I love you. LUURVE.”

Fans speculate the silver dress he referred to is likely the monochrome outfit Harvey wore to Odell Beckham Jr.’s 30th birthday party last November. She was spotted in a group photo with Idris, Beckham, Justine Skye, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Beiber, and friends.

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