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‘I Went Straight Into Protective Mode’: Rihanna Reveals She Uploaded TikTok of Her Child Because of a Paparazzo Intrusion

The first time Rihanna gave the public access to see her, and A$AP Rocky’s son was back in December after she uploaded a video of him on TikTok. Now, the Barbadian musician candidly discussed why they chose to post a photo of their infant after spending months under the radar. 

Rihanna, aka Bad Gyal, appeared on the March cover of British Vogue beside Rocky and their 9-month-old son, whose name has yet to be disclosed. 

When it came time to talk about her firstborn, Rihanna, who is currently carrying her second child, totally gushed over him.

“His little wake-up face, seeing his face change, seeing his color come in, just all of these changes,” she told British Vogue. 

Rihanna’s son makes his British Vogue debut. (Photo: @badgalriri/Instagram.)

The “Umbrella” vocalist gave birth to her son in May 2022, and after 7 months, she and Rocky finally decided it was time to introduce him to the world. So, they agreed to show him off in style with his first magazine cover and debut.

“The entire Vogue team all jumped up and down behind the camera to help make him laugh,” British Vogue wrote. 

However, an intimate moment quickly turned sour after a paparazzo was caught capturing photos of Rihanna’s child.

“It’s the worst thing you never want to happen,” Rihanna expressed.

The world quickly became seen as a Pride Land, and RiRi’s motherly instinct flicked on like a lioness protecting her cub.  

“I went straight into protective mode,” she said, “Do what you want with me. But he doesn’t have a say in any of this.”

Knowing that there were unsolicited photos of her then-7-month-old child in someone’s camera that would soon be available for anyone to obtain sparked a different kind of anger in Rihanna’s blood. 

“We’ve been protecting him thus far and you don’t have any consent to be posting photos or selling photos of my child, a minor. Get the hell out of here with that.” 

There was no other option in her mind than to beat the paparazzi at their own game. After a long car conversation about their next move, Rihanna and Rocky decided to send a few photos of her son over to a blogger.

Rihanna also downloaded TikTok and shared an adorable 45-second video of her son giggling in his car seat; the video now has over 29.1 million views and over 7 million likes. 

While British Vogue did not state the name of the blogger to whom Rihanna sent her photos over to, Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee previously stated that Rihanna exclusively shared photos of their son on HU’s Instagram page.

In an exclusive interview with People magazine in January, Lee disclosed how he first met the adorable product of two fashion icons.

“The day she [Rihanna] sent me the photos, she FaceTimed and let me see the baby,” he continued, “he’s literally gonna be the cutest, richest, most fashionable, most sought-after child in the world.”

Though Lee may have started out as just a blogger, he believes in the importance of forming personal connections with celebs rather than just writing about them.

“I feel like there’s just as much power, if not more, in partnering with a celebrity to tell a story than to go out and create one that’s not true.” 

Hollywood Unlocked revealed Rihanna and Rocky’s son on Dec. 17.

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