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Report: T.J. Holmes Upset at Being Labeled a ‘Predator’ as Amy Robach Reportedly Gets Better Severance Deal In Fallout from Their ‘GMA3’ Exit

Former “GMA3: What You Need to Know” host T.J. Holmes is reportedly not happy about being labeled a predator following his exit from ABC. Homes and his co-host Amy Robach were let go from the show after their affair was revealed late last year.

Holmes and Robach —  who are both married, Holmes to attorney Marilee Fiebig and Robach to actor Andrew Shue — were let go following an investigation by ABC. Both couples have also since filed for a divorce. ABC paid Holmes and Robach out on their contracts, but according to Page Six, Holmes is distraught over his portrayal in the media.

During a meditation meeting with the couple, ABC accused Robach of violating company policy because she had alcohol in her office, which she said was sent to her by ABC executives. Representatives also accused Robach, 49, of showing up to work intoxicated, which she denied. Holmes, 45, was revealed to have had several extramarital affairs with at least four ABC staffers, and the network ultimately decided to end the couple’s time on “GMA3.”

T.J. Holmes Amy Robach
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are out as co-anchors at ABC’s “GMA3: What You Need to Know.” (Photo: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube)

On Feb. 7, the Cut published an article titled “Inside the ‘Horned Up’ Office Culture at ABC News,” and the article revealed the story of a staffer Holmes allegedly had sex with. The staffer claimed that she and Holmes had sex in his office and that ABC News was “a pretty scandalous place” with a “rampant culture of sex.” One former staffer claimed that ABC News “rewarded the people that were either divas or adulterers.”

An unidentified source told Page Six that Holmes is disturbed by how he is being portrayed.

“He’s distraught,” said the source. “Completely distraught. He has a daughter. He hates that he’s been painted as this predator. … You’d never suspect anything was going on.”

According to Page Six, Robach received a better deal after the two were let go from their hosting jobs at ABC. The outlet reported that Robach may have received a better severance package, possibly because she also co-anchored “20/20” with David Muir and had been with the network for two years longer than Holmes.

“Amy’s been at ABC a lot longer and has a much bigger contract [than T.J.].”

Another source added that Holmes was taking his time in figuring out his next move. “He’s taking his time after what just happened and trying to see what’s up next.”

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