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‘It Didn’t Make Sense to Me’: 50 Cent Says He Called Out Tyler Perry For Remaining Silent In the Aftermath of Mo’Nique Being ‘Cancelled’

50 Cent has one question when it comes to cancel culture: “Why would you cancel something that is good for the culture?” While the sweeping social media movement has derailed countless careers, one talent in particular, the rapper finds, got a raw deal as it pertains to public perception.

Mo’Nique, why is she cancelled?” he asked during a Jan. 6 appearance on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.” He continued, “I had to revisit that, ‘cause it was like it didn’t make sense to me… Did she say something we didn’t like? So she didn’t work for 13 years after that?”

50 Cent and Mo’Nique. (Photos: @50cent/Instagram; @therealmoworldwide/Instagram.)

As many recall, the comedian claimed she was blackballed in the industry after a falling out with Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels in 2009. She signed on to star for $50,000 in the independent film “Precious,” which was directed by Daniels, however, after its success at the Sundance Film Festival, Winfrey and Perry signed on as executive producers for the movie that ultimately led Mo’Nique to her Best Supporting Actress Oscar that year.

Mo’Nique publicly bashed Winfrey and Daniels, claiming that she was asked to promote the film after she had fulfilled her contractual obligations. The star from the former television show “The Parkers” also took aim at Perry for his alleged role in ensuring she did not work in Hollywood after her refusal to promote the film without compensation. She claimed that the film studio owner badmouthed her to others in the industry, going so far as to accuse him of labeling her difficult to work with.

Over a decade has passed since the conflict unfolded, and Mo’Nique has gone on to make amends with Daniels; she claimed in a past interview that she harbors no ill will toward Winfrey and Perry. Last year, 50 Cent declared his public support for the actress and even helped facilitate an end to the years’-long beef between Mo’Nique, Daniels and Perry.

Speaking of the billionaire mogul, the “Power” universe co-creator said that Perry never played an active role in keeping the stand-up comic from booking gigs. “I know Tyler wouldn’t support that. He never told nobody not to work with her,” said the “Massacre” artist. “When I talked to him, he was like, ‘Nah, I never told no one to not work with her.’ And I said, ” ‘But you Tyler Perry and you never told anyone to work with her.’ “

He added that Perry continued with, ” ‘I never looked at it like that.” The Grammy Award winner said that he explained to the “Madea” actor that “You just gotta consider how strong your influence is at that point because it hasn’t happened.” Fans reacting to his recent comments had plenty to say. Their comments include:

“50 for supporting the ppl no matter what… you can’t canceled something that’s good for us.”

“Why should he tell anyone to work with her when she attacked him? Sorry not sorry but my Virgo brother did nothing wrong. God bless Monique though. It’s above Tyler.”

“RESPECT to 50 for that! His evolution to show empathy and compassion is great to witness. Its also good to see him on the business side of things having a meaningful conversation.”

“Tyler Perry don’t give a f–k! That man is worth 2 billion. Monique husband was the problem.”

While the “Roscoe Jenkins” actress has not worked with Perry, she did score a role on season two of Fif’s popular series, “BMF,” as well as a leading role in Daniels’ horror flick “The Reading.”

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