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‘He Was Ready to Risk It All’: Ice-T Laughs Off ‘White Dude’ He Caught Gazing Up and Down at His Wife Coco Austin During the Grammys

Ice-T not only understands why fans can not keep their eyes off of his wife, Coco Austin, but he is completely unfazed by those who are caught doing so.

Like countless other music industry stars, Ice-T was on hand for the 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony, where he took part in a 50th anniversary tribute to hip-hop. While all eyes were on him during the performance, his wife proved to be the real star for one person caught admiring her figure.

Ice-T and Coco Austin at the 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony (left photo), as a man glances over at Austin (right photo). (Photos: @icet/Instagram)

In a clip shared to the “Colors” artist’s Instagram page, he and Coco are shown watching a performance. However, at the same time that Coco was seen grooving to the music, a man standing nearby was observed as he seemingly looked at the rapper before taking a beat to look Coco up and down.

Ice-T captioned the post, “Lol… I love how the white dude looked at me then took time to check Coco out…. I TOTALLY understand.” In the comments, fans reacted to his nonchalant reaction to the brief moment of his wife being the apple of someone else’s eye.

“OG S—T! Confidence in his game. Go ahead look all you want Youngblood. Cause I know she’s mine. Yee.”

“He’s like how can I get a woman like her lol.”

“He was ready to risk it all Ice.”

“Can’t blame em I would have been looking too… no disrespect.”

One person suggested that while everyone was talking about the man caught taking in Coco’s bodacious body, they really needed to be focused on a well-known celebrity who also had a good view of her assets. “FUTURE the one yuh need to be watching,” they wrote. The longtime lovebirds have been married for 22 years and have one child together, 7-year-old Channel Marrow.

Ice-T is obviously used to people being captivated by his wife’s curves. Last year, Ne-Yo shared a comical, eyebrow-raising story about the time he got to lay hands on Austin’s backside. The singer said he was at a Halloween, and definitely intoxicated, when he “walked up to him [Ice-T] and was like, ‘Bro, with all due respect, uh, I’ve wanted to squeeze Coco’s ass for a really long time,’” he recalled during his appearance on “Drink Champs.”

The longtime “Law & Order: SVU” actor allegedly responded, “You know what? I’m just the kind of pimp that’ll let you do it.” The singer-songwriter went on to claim that Ice-T whispered something into his wife’s ear that made it apparent Ne-Yo’s desires to grope her had been shared.

“She looked at him and smiled, then looked at me and smiled, and turned around and bent that thing over, and I grabbed as much of a handful as I could,” he claimed. Afterward, he said the gangsta rap pioneer “gave me a pound, and we finished, and we drank and hung out for the rest of the night.”

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