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‘Uh uh Ashanti’: Fans Warn Ashanti After Nelly Turns Down Her Request to Share a Smoke After His Recent Performance in Australia

A video of Nelly rejecting Ashanti’s playful inquiry about hitting his blunt has fans suggesting that his rejection was for her own good. 

The one-time couple was spotted out clubbing in Nashville, Tennessee, on Feb. 4, 2022, after their latest concert at Bridgestone Arena Nashville.

Ashanti and Nelly performing at the “Under the Mistletoe” concert. (Photo: @mhorta33/Instagram)

In the video captured by @holla_dc on Instagram via Insta story and re-uploaded by @LadiiJ88 on Twitter, fans can see Nelly seemingly offering up whatever he was smoking to those behind him. 

As he turns to Ashanti, she puts her pinched fingers out as if she’s ready to take a hit. Her action clearly took Nelly by surprise because it caused him to freeze in his tracks for a quick second before they both broke out into laughter.

While he begins to turn away from the 42-year-old singer, with his blunt still in his hand, fans can read the rapper’s mouth telling Ashanti “never.” 

“Now Ashanti know d–m well she don’t smoke… Even Nelly was caught off guard,” read @LadiiJ88’s tweet. 

Her post was obtained by The Neighborhood Unlocked, whose fans recommended Ashanti not take any form of substance from Nelly following his Australian performance debacle

“Sis… I don’t think you want what he be smoking anyway! He looking out”

“She don’t need to be smoking nothing he smoking anyway”

“Ashanti please don’t smoke what he smokes he was on the stage higher than Beyoncé tickets looking crazy!”

“The way he was just looking on that stage, uh uh Ashanti, get somebody else to do it!”

Questions surrounding what substances the 48-year-old Texas native might consume became a trending conversation after he was seen rapping a little wonky on stage during his Jan. 17 concert in Melbourne, Australia. 

Footage of Nelly beginning to sing his hit song, “Over and Over” featuring Tim McGraw was posted to TikTok and raised eyebrows after viewers saw his eyes wondering all over the place, his head swaying back and forth, and a huge smile plastered across his face, prompting fans to believe he was under some kind of influence. 

While several fans expressed concern for Nelly’s performance, there were plenty of videos created mocking his actions such as “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” alum Lil Fizz and comedian Anthony “Spice” Adams.

Nelly even jumped in on the jokes and re-posted Adams’ video with a number of laughing emojis. 

However, this action didn’t seem to go over well with Nelly fans who couldn’t find the humor in his being under the influence of some substance.

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