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‘Nelly Needs to Speak on This’: Nelly Laughs at Himself as Fans Recreate His Questionable Behavior, But Some Still Don’t Find It Funny

Though fans are concerned about a recent video roaming around the internet of Nelly seemingly under some form of influence while performing at a show in Melbourne, Australia, the “Dilemma” rapper is laughing at his actions.

After Nelly’s video hit the web, fans wasted no time imitating his performance. The “Country Grammar” rapper couldn’t be mad at his actions and instead chose to join in on the fun.

The 48-year-old got ahold of a video of comedian Anthony “Spice” Adams, whose recreation post received over 109,000 likes on Instagram. The video was so hilarious that Nelly uploaded it onto his Instagram Story with several laughing emojis. 

A screenshot from Nelly’s Instagram Story. (Photo: @nelly/Instagram.)

Adams copied his same mannerisms as he lip-synched over Nelly’s audio. The comedian also used aluminum foil in place of the iced-out jewelry on Nelly’s wrist in the original video. 

“@nelly!!! You know you, my man, 50 Grand!!! But They said I HAD to do it!!! I didn’t want to!!! I said Derrty is my manz!!! They wouldn’t have it!! They made me do it!!” Adams wrote for his caption. “#SpiiceGot24Hours.”

Adams isn’t the only person who found humor in Nelly’s performance, and former B2K member Lil Fizz decided to jump on the bandwagon and recreate the questionable performance. 

Fizz uploaded his version to his Instagram Story in three parts with laughing emojis on each slide. He tagged Nelly in the video, but the Grammy Award-winner didn’t respond. 

Nelly’s video may be comical to some, but a few individuals shared how concerned they were watching his eyes roll to the back of his head repeatedly while he creepily smiled throughout his entire performance. 

One Twitter user wrote, “The video of going around of Nelly clearly under the influence is not funny at all. People laugh now, but when someone overdoses they first one to say ‘prayers.'” 

Although fans have shared their concerns, it seems as if Nelly sees his latest performance as another hilarious memory.

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