‘I Got to Heal from That’: Sherri Shepherd Fears Getting Remarried and Losing ‘More Money’ After Paying Alimony and Child Support to Both Ex-Husbands

Sherri Shepherd recently tackled La La Anthony’s topic on marriage and explained why she agreed with the actress. 

In the Friday, Jan. 27, episode of Shepherd’s daytime talk show, “Sherri,” the 55-year-old posed the exact same question as Anthony’s from her interview on “The Breakfast Club.” 

“Clap if you feel like marriage is not really what it used to be,” she asked her crowd, who responded with massive applause. 

Stating why she agrees with the “BMF” actress, Shepherd stated that marriage isn’t something younger people are striving for anymore because older generations aren’t making it seem enjoyable. 

“When you hear people talk about marriage, the married people, y’all don’t make it sound appealing because you’re like ‘it’s just work, you gotta work. I mean marriage ain’t easy it ain’t for the weak,’” Shepherd stated.

Shepherd continued to bring up Michelle Obama’s Revolt roundtable interview when the former first lady admitted to not being able to stand her husband, Barack Obama, for 10 years. 

“That’s a decade!” Shepherd exclaimed before suggesting, “Even when you sell a used car you gotta make it sound a little bit attractive.” 

While Shepherd confessed to knowing a handful of happily married couples who do put in the work, she rebutted that with her own stance about not wanting to go through another marriage because she’s tired of losing money. 

“I feel like for me, marriage is not for me,” Shepherd said. “I feel like marriage, I’mma lose more money if I get married. So I gotta, I gotta heal from that. So, I’m not trying to get married.”

Noting that she doesn’t need a ring or a ceremony, Shepherd nonetheless said she does not want to be single and would rather have a life partner. 

“I don’t necessarily have to have the ring, I know I’m committed to you.”

Shepherd has been through two nasty divorces, the first with her husband from 2001-2010, Jeff Tarpley, and then a split with Lamar Sally, whom she was wed to from 2010 to 2014.

The former “The View” host has previously fought for full custody of her and Tarpley’s son, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr. In 2019, it was revealed she had been ordered to pay $131 a month to Tarpley, with whom she now shares custody of their 17-year-old child. 

Money continued to flow out of Shepherd’s pockets after she and her second ex-husband Sally went to court for their child, Lamar Sally Jr., who primarily stays with his father. A court ordered her to pay $4,100 in child support.  

Shepherd has talked about the difficulties of paying two different child supports to two different men while trying to stay employed. 

“So much transitioning in my life I feel like my head is spinning,” she wrote in a 2019 Instagram post, “I never stop grinding…”

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