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‘We Had a ‘Pretty Woman’ Moment’: Sherri Shepherd Reveals the Amazing Gift Tom Joyner Gave Her and Kim Whitley ‘That Every Woman Should Experience’ 

Sherri Shepherd recently recalled the nicest thing that her former boss and legendary radio host Tom Joyner did for her and her best friend Kym Whitley on Valentine’s Day years ago. Shepherd worked alongside Joyner in 2015.

Although the 55-year-old didn’t disclose the exact timeline of when the event occurred, she did, however, reveal during the Oct. 6 episode of her daytime television show “Sherri” that the trio took a trip to Beverly Hills, California.

Sherri Shepherd recounts when radio host Tom Joyner gifted her and Kim Whitley a shopping spree at Louis Vuitton for Valentine’s Day. Photo:@sherri/YouTube

She said, “He went to take me and one of my besties, Kym Whitley, out for Valentine’s Day. We used to work for Tom Joyner on his nationally syndicated show…He said for Valentine’s Day boo I’m taking you out. So we went and met in the Beverly Hills at the Peninsula Hotel and literally, we’re sitting there at the bar looking like two prostitutes next to Tom.”

When Joyner asked what they wanted for Valentine’s Day, Shepherd shared that Whitley asked for a Louis Vuitton key chain. Following the comedian’s response, Joyner told her to “think bigger.” When Shepherd suggested a car as a gift, the radio host said “not that big.” Immediately after the exchange, Shepherd said that Joyner took the women to a Louis Vuitton store, gave the clerk his black American Express card, and told them to get whatever they wanted.

She said, “He says to Kym and I ‘Get whatever you want.’ Now I’ve never heard a man say you can have whatever you like except T.I. said it, but that’s the only man I ever heard say you can have whatever you like. So once he said that…when I tell you it was snatch and grab. I was snatching everything because we could not believe it. We had a ‘Pretty Woman’ moment.”

Further in the conversation, Shepherd shared that she saw a $6,000 suitcase during her shopping spree, but before taking it she asked for Joyner’s permission, who was at a bar across the street from the store.

When the 72-year-old consented, Shepherd raced over and grabbed the suitcase. During the outing, the talk show host revealed she had a panic attack, which Whitley captured on video. Shepherd had a panic attack because she wasn’t used to being pampered by the opposite sex. The shopping trip ended with Shepherd and Whitley getting several items.

As the women were getting checked out by the clerk, Joyner reappeared and asked, “Did my boos have a good time.” Shepherd responded, “yes.” Following the shopping spree, they all went to dinner at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills. During their meal Whitley’s and Shepherd’s items from Louis Vuitton were being delivered at the restaurant. At the end of the day, things were going so well until Shepherd thought Joyner’s kindness came at a cost.

While Joyner was paying for the expensive restaurant bill, she said to Whitley, “Uh-Oh I think we have to sleep with Tom … Kym said, ‘You think so?’ And I said, ‘yea.’ Kym says to me, ‘Okay, do I kiss you first Sherri?’ “

Shepherd continued, “So we in the backseat trying to figure this out. So because I’m telling you my mama always told me men be getting you nothing for free. So I start unbuttoning my shirt. We knew it was about to go down.”

Shepherd wrapped up the video by praising Joyner after saying that her suspicions of Joyner wanting something in return were wrong.

She said, “He got in the car, we started driving into the Peninsula hotel, and we got out. Kim had her shirt unbuttoned, and mine was half unbuttoned … Do you know Tom Joyner turned around, kissed us both on the forehead and told the driver ‘Make sure they get home safely.’ “

While sharing pictures of the items she purchased, she added, “When I tell you that Tom Joyner, I love him for life, and every woman should have a moment … I want to say, Tom Joyn

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