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‘Either a Bad Photo Shop or a Bad Miami BBL’: Tami Roman Accused of Having a BBL After Flaunting Her ‘Cakes’ on the ‘Gram

Tami Roman’s new photos left fans wondering if the TV personality and actress received any work done to her butt after it looked more plump than normal. 

The 52-year-old uploaded two photos onto her Instagram showing her rocking an all-black ensemble as her copper bob loudly introduced itself

“Make it your ambition to live a quiet life, work hard & mind your business. Thessalonians 4:11,” Roman captioned her photo.

Tami Roman fans are torn over her new look. (Photos: @tamiroman/Instagram.)

While many adored Roman’s new look, including “RHOA” star Marlo Hampton, who sent over fire emojis, it was Roman’s voluptuous shape that took over the conversation in her comment section. 

“What’s that sitting on the back of that car?”

“It’s the booty on the hood for me… c’mon cakes [red heart emojis]”

“Now Tammy what is wrong with this picture? Either bad photoshop or a bad Miami BBL…” 

If fans scroll down the former “Basketball Wives” star’s Instagram feed, she typically rocks loose outfits. In the photos that show her posing in bodycon fits, she does usually have a round apple bottom poking out.

Roman has not acknowledged fans’ questions about whether she had recently undergone surgery, however, the mother of two has confessed to receiving butt injections in the past. 

Roman got injections when she lived in Houston, Texas. In a 2017 interview with The Jasmine Brand, she explained that “it was one of those boot-leg places… I’m not going to tell you who did [the injections], but I live in Houston, I know strippers and I asked who the plug was.” 

In a 2016 episode of “The Doctors,” Roman was a featured guest who talked about regretting getting supplements put into her buttocks. 

“I got the booty injections and I hate it,” Roman admitted. “I thought it would do some good, I thought I was plumping it. Now, I just want to dump it, you know what I mean.”

Stating why she believes women enhance their physical features, Roman explained, “I don’t think women actually wanna do it. They think it’s cool but I actually broke an elevator yesterday. I was stuck in an elevator, had maximum capacity, five people — it was me, my boyfriend, and my ass.” 

Though she may not like her butt injections, Roman’s is not anti-surgery at all. 

“I’m fine with plastic surgery. I just wish people wouldn’t lie about it. They want us to all think that it’s real, you know what I mean.”

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