Tami Roman’s Fashion Post Has Fans Mentioning How ‘Good and Healthy’ She Looked a Year After the Star Revealed Having Her Mouth Wired Shut to Lose Weight

Tami Roman‘s physical appearance became a topic of discussion after fans noticed how healthy the former reality star appeared in her recent fashion post. 

In the Instagram upload shared on Nov. 4, Roman, who opened up about having an eating disorder in the past, was seen posing as she rocked a form-fitting animal print dress with black heels.

Tami Roman’s recent look has fans doing a double take. @tamiroman/Instagram

In the first image, Roman gave her followers a side angle of the dress. At the same time, the second photo showcased a frontal view of the ensemble. In addition to the post, Roman wrote the caption “Don’t trip, I’m good.”

As fans viewed the snapshots, many raved over Roman’s look. A handful of social media users also brought up how healthy the mother of two appeared.

“Tami out here in these streets causing all kinds of accidents!! Oohh don’t hurt em Tami!! You look goodt!”

“Okay Tami!!!!! That’s that Thique!!!!” 

“Looking good and healthy Tam!!”

“Her health is getting better she look good.”

“Tami you look stunning!!!!!! Never question a black woman’s resilience.”

Tami Roman. Photo:@tamiroman/Instagram

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned Roman’s backside. One wrote, “Damn you bought the cake too.”

Another said, “Ok that Booty poking. You look beautiful.”

A third individual stated, “Yessss that sexy bump back there.” 

In 2021 during an interview with “The Real,” Roman shared she suffered from body dysmorphic disorder since she was 13 years old. Body dysmorphic disorder is considered a mental illness and occurs when an individual obsessively focuses on what they perceive to be a flaw in their physical appearance. 

Roman shared that the issue came to a head when she was provided an opportunity to model for an unknown agency when she got older. The “Basketball Wives” star claimed that an unidentified woman who worked at the agency “ripped her to shreds.” 

She said, “For me, when I was 13 years old, I wanted to be a model. You know we’re from New York. I was tall, I was 5’9, I was thin. And I went to this agency and walked in, and that lady ripped me to shreds. I thought I was perfect: 5-9, less than 120 pounds. Assuredly, they’re going to sign me. And she literally stood me in front of a mirror and said, ‘You’ve got back folds, you’ve got fat over your knees. You need to do something with your chin. Your breasts are sagging.'”

Roman said that shortly after the incident she developed an eating disorder because she desperately wanted to lose weight and become a model. The actress told the panel she would take laxatives, skip meals, and get her mouth wired shut in 1993 in hopes of becoming thinner.  

She said, “I started abusing laxatives, I started not eating, I started throwing up, I started doing everything that I could think of to do to be as skinny as I could possibly be, being obsessive about my weight loss. People don’t realize, that’s why I got my mouth wired in 1993 to be skinny when I was already skinny.”

Also, in the conversation, Roman disclosed how dealing with an eating disorder, and type 2 diabetes causes her weight to fluctuate. Since then, no additional details about Roman’s health have been released.

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