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‘Girl U Look Different What You Had Done?’: Yandy Smith Fans Say She Looks Like She Has Had ‘Work Done on Her Face’ In ‘Unrecognizable’ Photos

“Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Yandy Smith-Harris’ most recent picture has fans doing a double take. 

The 40-year-old entrepreneur uploaded a photo for her 7.5 million followers showing her serving face in a dark-rooted platinum blond wig, but the post quickly derailed when fans accused the mother of three of getting some type of work done to her face. 

Yandy Smith-Harris (Photo: @yandysmith/Instagram)

Smith’s photo showed her looking caught off guard with a phone in her hand and her waist every bit of snatched

“I grind now so I can glide later,” Smith wrote as her caption. 

Though fans recognized how beautiful she looked, a few also recognized how different she looked.

“Girl u look different what you done.”

“Omg you look different, cute though.”

Others acknowledged Smith’s new look and blamed it on face tune filters that allow a person to edit their photo by aging/de-aging them.

“I love you Yandy but you gotta chill with the face app.”

Smith’s could appear to show she got work done to her face in the photo, but there is a possibility it’s just makeup. The TV personality uploaded a video of herself jamming out to “This Year (Blessing)” by Victor Thompson, wearing the same outfit and hairstyle as in her photo. In the video, Smith’s face didn’t look like it went under cosmetic surgery; it just simply looked like she had a filter on.

This isn’t the first time fans have inquired about Smith undergoing a possible facial reconstruction. In 2018 Smith responded to a few fans who suggested she’d had plastic surgery by stating it was just “makeup.” 

She didn’t stop there. After more fans continued to ask her if she did anything to her face, Smith wrote, “Y’all see my face every night when I wash off my makeup, and honestly most days I don’t even wear makeup.”

She continued to state she has “No need for any face adjustments. I’m so happy with the face God blessed me with.” 

While that was nearly five years ago, Smith seemed pretty adamant about not touching the face “God blessed” her with. 

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