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‘What You Do to Your Face?’ Yandy Smith’s New Pic Has Fans Confused

Yandy Smith is done with the lies about all the supposed work she’s gotten done to her face.

The “Love and Hip Hop New York” star posted a photo Dec. 17 posing with fellow LHHNY star Juliet “Juju” Casteneda.

“Pow. The go getters💕✊🏾🤷🏽‍♀️ feels good to share the space with a fellow sister! It’s enough room for all of us to eat! Let’s build! Want to go fast go alone…want to go far go together. Let’s get it,” Smith captioned the photo.

yandy smith


Fans praised the black girl magic.


“Ya’ll fly. Loving it.”

“Brown girl beauty.”

Yet others shaded Smith’s look and wondered if she had surgery.

“Yes she does look different but she’s the bomb.”

“Did you have face surgery?’

“How do I order my faces is bad..I got dar spots pimples n in grown hairs..Guide me sis what do I need helppp”

“Look Better regular smh”

“Face look different”

Smith later cleared up the misinformation about her supposed plastic surgeries when a fan also asked her “🤔🧐 Yandy what you do to your face?”

“@ash_ley_16_ make up,” the reality star initially responded flatly.

yandy smith

“@yandysmith I was worried lol. Beautiful 😍” @ash_ley_16_ replied.

“@ash_ley_16_ Chile please. Y’all see my face every night when I wash off my make up and honestly most days I dont even wear make up. My skin is flawless thanks to @yelleskincare. No need for any face adjustments. I’m so happy with the face God blessed me with. Be blessed baby,” Smith said, making it clear she has no desires to go under the knife.

yandy smith

The user then clarified she wasn’t “coming at you” and explained it had been a while since she saw Smith on the tube.

“@ash_ley_16_ i took no offense to it darling,” the star said. “Just wanted to set the record straight for the word in the street is I got a nose job, a lip job, a chin loft and a forehead reduction. More power to you if you can afford all that but I got kids I gotta put through college. Oh and I happen to love this lil face of mine and all it’s imperfections 🤷🏽‍♀️✊🏾🙏🏾”

yandy smith

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