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‘All Mariah Has to Do Was File for Him to Act Right’: Nick Cannon Posts Video with His Oldest Set of Twins Days After Mariah Carey Reportedly Filed for Primary Custody 

Nick Cannon spent some quality time with his oldest set of twins, Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, over the weekend. 

The “Wild N Out” creator uploaded three different TikTok videos of him and his two children, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey, which showed them doing viral dancing challenges.

Nick, Monroe, and Moroccan Cannon (Pictured: Screenshot from TikTok @nickcannon)

In one of Cannon’s most recent TikToks, fans can see him, Moroccan, and Monroe dancing to a sped-up version of Chris Brown’s “Run It” as they attempt the trend where they tap their feet, bend over and move their lower body in an embellished manner. 

This dance trend was created by TikToker @lakii1010 and mimics a dance break from the animated tv series “Phineas and Ferb.” 

“Dad never keeps up with tiktoks,” was written overtop of their video, while Cannon added, “Making this was very chaotic,” for his caption. 

In his second recent video, Cannon uploaded a blooper to give fans a glimpse of the errors made while creating it. Fans can see Monroe take a tumble after her father bumped into her while dancing, causing Moroccan to trip over his sister’s leg and fall over.  

“Blooper [laughing emoji],” Cannon wrote in his caption. 

The final video just featured Monroe and her dad doing the viral “I’m Petty” trend, where users give a scenario in which they act passive-aggressive. The song they used was originally created back in 2016 by YouTube account @thekingofweird, aka Cameron J. Henderson. 

During their video, fans can see Monroe in the camera first as she lip sings the lyrics, “I’m petty, yeah yeah, I’m petty,” before tagging her father in to come join the video as she smoothly exited. 

“You act just like your dad” had been written at the top of the video while “We petty [laughing emoji]” was the caption. 

Cannon’s videos started making rounds on social media, where fans joked that Cannon was only spending time with his children because of alleged claims that Carey was seeking primary custody of their children. 

“All Mariah had to do was file for custody for him to act right.”

“Mimi had to threaten to get sole custody for you to get over the house and see dem kids? A win is a win.”

Though many comments surrounded the unconfirmed matter, a few fans came forward in Cannon’s defense. 

“Y’all really think celebrities owe y’all their whole life. Nobody owes y’all anything. Wtf be wrong with y’all?”

“I mean those are his kids though, are we surprised?”

Earlier this year, news spread that the “Always Be My Baby” singer reportedly wanted to modify her and Cannon’s custody agreement, which would make her have primary custody of their babies. 

RadarOnline shared exclusive details where an unidentified source claimed, “Monroe and Moroccan are usually with Mariah anyway. Nick doesn’t see much of them.” 

Cannon’s family tree has been ever-growing since the birth of Monroe and Moroccan. The media mogul has branched off and created ten more children, five of which were born last year, with five different women. In December, Cannon revealed feeling convicted for not being able to spend “enough time” with all of his children. 

He told Dr. David Anges that his father’s time is sometimes cut short because, “One, ’cause I’m constantly working and two because I’m just spread thin.”

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