‘Seem Like Something Mrs.Parker Would Do to Professor Ogleveee’: Mo’Nique Takes Clingy to New Levels While Showering Husband Sidney Hicks with Affection In the Gym

There is no denying that Mo’Nique loves her husband, Sidney Hicks. The Academy Award-winning actress has proudly boasted about the adoration she has for Hicks since the two made their love known in the early 2000s.

Her unwavering trust in his judgment and support has made them an inseparable duo. For years, Hicks has been the comedian’s manager and partner in all things that have to do with her career. But the buck does not stop there, at least not when Mo’Nique gets her way. 

Mo'Nique, Sidney Hicks
Mo’Nique and Sidney Hicks. (Photo: Realmoworldwide/Instagram.)

The “Queens of Comedy” act could not seem to untether herself from her husband of almost two decades in a recent clip shared with her 1.2 million Instagram followers. Hicks is seen in position to do a triceps extension, however, he is unable to do so because his wife had her arms wrapped around his torso as she straddled him from behind. “I wanna lay on, I wanna hold on to him,” said Mo’Nique. Hicks smiled and laughed before ultimately coaxing her to let him finish his set. She jokingly wrote in the caption, “This is why he don’t like to workout with me.”

Fans were smitten by the show of affection. “This Seem Like Something Mrs.Parker Would Do To Professor Ogleveee [laughing emoji] I Love It,” wrote one person who referenced Monique’s role on the popular sitcom “The Parkers.” Much like Nikki Parker and her undying love for Professor Stanley Oglevee, the actress cannot get enough of her real-life leading man.

Another fan wrote, “When a man gets THIS much affection and love and adoration, he ain’t going NOWHERE!! Yeeeesssss. I love to see it Big Sister Mo.” Two more could not help but to call out Hicks’ enjoyment of having his wife love all over him. They wrote, “Mo love on your man. It’s okay watch the smile on his face” and “He’s blushing! After all these years together! I love that SOOO much!!!”

However, at least one person attempted to derail the light-hearted post when they called Mo’Nique out on losing weight as a means to remain desirable to Hicks. “Couples that work out together stay together? Uhm didn’t you say that he made you feel fat and that’s why you started losing weight? When your man makes that ‘ugh’ sound as you getting out the shower,” read the comment.

As her fans are well aware, she has been focused on weight loss and her overall health journey for roughly a decade. Her dedication to transforming her figure and daily habits has been the subject of her digital content on Instagram. She frequently posts videos of herself and fitness-dance trainer Dwight Holt Jr. one-two stepping the excess weight off the 55-year-old and providing motivation for others to keep their eye on the prize: their personal well-being.

Mo'Nique, Dwight Holt Jr.
Mo’Nique and Dwight Holt Jr. (Photo: @realmoworldwide/Instagram)

But, the motivation to clean up her eating and to move her body did in fact come from a conversation she had with Hicks. In 2014, she said her husband asked her how much she weighed. She lied and told him 262, but the real number on the scale was 300. She told Arsenio Hall that Hicks lovingly said to her, “‘That’s too much weight. I want you around for a lifetime, and that’s not healthy.”

And from that moment “I went through guilt, I went through shame, because of my size.  Because I never felt love like that before.” But it ultimately became the catalyst for her more than 80-pound weight loss that she maintained for years.

Three years ago she told People, “The journey’s been amazing because it truly lets you know what you’re made of.” She added, “People always say, ‘Mo’Nique, what motivates you?’ I had to do it for my husband and my children. And I had to get out of my own way.”

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