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‘Go Off Auntie’ Mo’Nique Dances to Beyoncé’s Song, ‘Church Girl’ 18 years After the Comedian’s ‘Crazy In Love’ Dance Tribute

Mo’Nique embodied her inner Beyoncé as she shook what her mama gave her in a recent Instagram video that showed the comedian dancing to “Church Girl,” a song from Queen Bey’s newest album, “Renaissance.”

As the song opened, the skilled actress’ pre-recorded voice spoke over the music, reminding fans to get their tickets for her salsa class in New York. 

“Hey my sweet babies, y’all know we had to do it.”

Mo’Nique’s recorded voice ceased right as the “Church Girl” beat dropped and the “Almost Christmas” star got in formation with fitness trainer Dwight Holt Jr. 

Both Mo’Nique and Holt began a choreographed dance as Yoncé’s voice entered her video. They shook their rumps, spun from side to side and reached for the sky while the song’s first verse played. 

Before Beyoncé’s second verse of the popular song came up, Mo’Nique and Holt were seen stepping down from a flight of stairs away from the camera’s focus seconds before the video closed. 

“Hey My Sweet Babies We Back!! @dwightholtjr So Glad We Back!!” Mo’Nique wrote as her caption, where information regarding their salsa dance class followed. 

Amused fans dropped comments including ones about how amazing it was to see the 54-year-old kill the fast-paced dance moves. 

“You better work!”

“Go off Auntie!”

“Yess, y’all better dance!”

This isn’t the first time one of social media’s favorite aunties jammed out to a Beyoncé song. In 2004, the three-time BET Awards host opened up the show paying tribute to Yoncé by lip-syncing her hit single “Crazy In Love.” 

It seemed as if one tribute just wasn’t enough because, in 2007, Mo’Nique returned as a host for the BET Awards and paid tribute to the Grammy Award winner by performing “Déjá Vu” on stage in front of the entire audience. 

Fifteen years later and history has repeated itself again, proving that Mo’Nique is and always will be a Beyoncé fan.

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