‘Go Head Auntie Mo!’: Mo’Nique Shares Workout Video and Laughs on Instagram

Funny lady Mo’Nique shared some laughs along with a workout video on Instagram on April 21. The Oscar-winning actress was working out with hand weights during the six-minute, 40-second video.

She captioned the video post, “HEY MY SWEET BABIES,” she wrote. “I AM GETTING READY FOR MY BABIES IN GLENSIDE, PA. MAY 27th @ KESWICK THEATER. I can’t wait to see y’all. This my first time to beautiful GLENSIDE, PA. LET’S LAUGH & LOVE TOGETHER! I LOVE US 4REAL!”

Mo’Nique works out in a video shared by the actress on Instagram. @therealmoworldwide

“So, today is arm day, right?” said Mo’Nique. “Lamar is in his feelings because this is too much, right? This is too much. This is too much, right? What I’m getting ready to show ya’ll,” she joked as her trainer laughed in the background. The “Precious” actress then asked Lamar how many repetitions of the arm exercises she needed to do. “Fifteen,” he replied.

After completing the 15 reps, Mo’Nique looked at the camera and said, “Now, that should be enough, right? Because my s—t is burning, and shaking, and the last one said, ‘f— it,'” she said as she joked about one arm being numb.

The actress moved up from 8-pound to 10-pound weights for the next exercise, which also included squats. Lamar again responded, “15,” after the actress asked how many repetitions she needed to do. Each exercise was progressively harder, and Mo’Nique would hilariously ask Lamar beforehand, “how many?”

Fans loved the workout video and left replies in the comment section on Instagram. One fan noted Lamar’s casual responses when the actress asked, “how many?”

“Lamar funny he saying ’15 15′ like that’s all lol,” responded one fan, prompting the actress to reply, “@simply_.florence YOU HEAR HIM RIGHT.”

“Oh yeah, Mo! Those hurt after 5,” replied another fan. “Push through auntie. Arm day is not for the weak at heart baby. You did that!” Another fan wrote, “Go head Auntie Mo!”

Mo’Nique also announced her show next month in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The comedienne will be performing on May 27 at the Keswick Theater.

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