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‘Wigs In Best Man Is Giving Tyler Perry Studios’: Fans Trash Regina Hall’s ‘Bad’ Wigs In ‘The Best Man: The Final Chapters,’ Actress Responds

Comedic actress Regina Hall understands all the judgment concerning the hairstyle choices of her character Candace in the latest and final installment of “The Best Man: The Final Chapters.” 

Hall joined James Cordon on an episode of “The Late Late Show with James Cordon” on Tuesday, Jan. 10, and Cordon brought up fans’ comments surrounding their not being in favor of her wigs. 

While asking Hall her opinion, Cordon held up a short-cut wig that the 52-year-old actress rocked during the first two episodes of the series. Once she saw the photo, Hall could not contain her laughter  — noting that she understood why fans were so outraged. 

“You know I understand, I understand,” she said.

Trying to find the rest of her words, Hall began stammering before just saying, plain and simple, “It was a challenging wig. It was a challenging hairdo, hair situation.” 

Regina Hall (Photo @morereginahall/Instagram.)

Not stopping there, Hall told Cordon, “They were bad. I had a bad wig, but I owned it.”

The “Scary Movie” actress confessed that she believed she had bad wig choices because that was in style for her character.

“I felt like Candace just had bad hair, you know. I had to do that,” Hall said.

Hall’s hair was styled two different ways during the eight-episode limited series. Her first style, as stated before, was a brown pixie cut style. As for Hall’s second, it was a coiled kinky wig meant to mimic natural curls.  

Since “The Best Man: The Final Chapters” was released last month, fans have expressed their unhappiness with Hall’s hairstyles all over Twitter. Some took issue with the shape of her wigs, and others felt like they were watching a Tyler Perry movie, given the harsh criticism of his actors’ hairstyles on his projects.

“Regina Hall wigs in Best Man is giving Tyler Perry Studios.”

“They did Regina Hall so dirty in the wig department of the last chapters series.”

“Whoever shaped Regina Hall’s wig on Best Man Final Chapters will pay for their crimes.”

Hall previously gave fans a sneak peek of her curly mane after video bombing her co-star Nia Long. In July, the two women showed off their hairstyles while joking about having hair issues on the set of “The Best Man: Final Chapters,” and fans were loving it then. 

Though her wigs were not fan favorites in the limited series, some reflect back towhen Hall first appeared in 1999’s “The Best Man” rocking a long brown weave that had men excited quite a bit.

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