‘Don’t Say Anything to Your Agents, I Wasn’t Suppose to Tell You’: Fans In Stitches After Regina Hall Reveals Sanaa Lathan Once Told Her She Landed a Role Only to Learn It Actually Went to Regina King

“Girls Trip” actress Regina Hall recalled the time her good friend the actress Sanaa Lathan told her she’d landed an acting role only to find out that the role actually went to Regina King.

Hall revealed the story during her acceptance speech at the 16th annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood event on March 9. The event was held at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles to award Black women who’ve had success in the entertainment industry.

Regina Hall Sanaa Lathan
Regina Hall and Sanaa Lathan at the 16th annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards. (Photo: @Essence / Twitter)

The 52-year-old actress was honored with an award at the swanky event, and she recalled the story during her acceptance speech as 51-year-old Lathan stood nearby on the stage.

“I remember one day I was staying at Saana’s house,” she said. “I needed a job and Sanaa was like ‘Baby, I shouldn’t tell you but Phillip just told me you’re gonna get an offer tomorrow.’ And I was so excited and I was like, ‘I am?’ [Sanaa said], ‘Don’t say anything to your agents because I wasn’t supposed to tell you.’”

Hall went on to say that the role was not for her, but for King.

“The next day happened, ‘They didn’t call yet, baby. Did, did, did, did he? Did he say? O, well, I’m gonna call. I’m not gonna say that you told me, I’m just gonna ask if anything’s going on.’ Nothing. Anyway, it turns out the offer was for Regina King.”

Hall continued and said Lathan also called her agent. “Sanaa was telling her agent said, ‘No, my friend, it’s Regina Hall. She’s talented, baby.'”

The “Little” actress added that Lathan was a good friend who wanted her to be seen and would introduce her at industry events. “Because your friends support you and they want you to be seen,” she said. “And she does know all my secrets. I know hers, too. I’mma write a book, ‘When Things Get Ruff,'” she joked.

The Twitter account for Essence shared a clip on March 8 with the caption, “This was a moment.”

One fan replied to the clip on social media. “Sisterhood, the Black kind.”

Also honored at the ceremony “The Woman King” director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, “Till” actress Danielle Deadwyler, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” actress Dominique Thorne, the president of Freeform and Onyx Collective, Tara Duncan and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph.

The 16th annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Ceremony will air in full on March 13.

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