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‘She Lies! This Is a Wig’: Regina Hall and Nia Long Leave Fans in Stitches After Joking About Their Hair Issues on Set of ‘The Best Man: The Final Chapters’

Nia Long had some free time on her hands while filming “The Best Man: The Final Chapters,” and decided to film a video of herself before being video bombed by one of her “Best Man” castmates, Regina Hall

Regina Hall and Nia Long. (Photos: @iamnialong/Instagram)

“How much do we love Regina?” Nia asked while panning the camera over to fully fit Regina onto the screen. 

Smiling while frolicking in her coiled curls, Regina confessed she forgets how her hair is styled for the show until she actually sees herself. 

“Every time I come and I have this hair, I forget until I see myself” she admitted. 

Cracking up at her comment, Nia vouched her love for Regina’s hairstyle, “But let me tell why I actually love your hair because you don’t have to worry about this.” The “Love Jones” actress began pointing her finger up to her own scalp and pinpointed her middle part opening, “See this is not cute.” She testified. 

Nia continued to speak positively about Regina’s hair, “You hair is super healthy and long, you have great edges.” 

“She lies! She lies, this is a wig,” Regina admits as the two ladies laugh in unison. 

As the video progressed, Nia acknowledged some days are rough and, “S–t is not always cute,” but stated how she believed Regina is the “cutest” because she “seems like she gets a lot of rest.” 

Agreeing to the statement as the video comes to an end, Regina said it is a product of her having nothing to do. 

“I do, that means the b—h has nothing to do.” 

Fans of both beauties were greatly amused by the video and commented laughing emojis underneath Nia’s post. 

“Y’all bring the joy and the cute [heart eyes]”

“It is the energy, the glow, the smiles, the laughter and sisterhood for me!”

“Both of you are still fine though [heart eyes] we grew up loving y’all. Real black love” 

“The Best Man: The Final Chapters” TV series will be the third project Long and Hall act beside each other in, including the first two “Best Man” films. It has been revealed by cast and crew the film will be released December 2022 on Peacock, with a plot surrounding “past grievances in the unpredictable stages of midlife crisis meets midlife renaissance.” 

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