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‘That’s the Damn Dog Y’all Was Fighting on ‘Martin’: Tichina Arnold’s Video Of New Puppy Goes Left After the Chihuahua Starts to Attack Her Hair

Tichina Arnold showed fans the newest addition to her family in the most comical way. The three-time NAACP award-winning actress uploaded a video onto her Instagram introducing her new chihuahua puppy, Chee-Nah. 

However, her video quickly went left after Chee-Nah mistook Arnold’s wet and wavy ponytail for a chew toy. 

As soon as Arnold’s video opened up, Chee-Nah had a mouthful of her hair in her mouth.

“Chee-Nah, don’t do that to mommy’s hair. Don’t — we gotta take this back!” Arnold told her puppy. 

Tichina Arnold. @tichinaarnold/Instagram.)

While Arnold tried to detach Chee-Nah from her ponytail, the Chihuahua began biting Arnold’s hand so roughly that the “Everybody Hates Chris” actress was forced to release her hand, leading Chee-Nah to continue her initial activity in attacking Arnold’s hair.

“Ow! Don’t bite your mother,” Arnold yelled.

Attempting to remove her hair from her dog’s teeth for the third time, Arnold lifted herself up from whatever she was lying on, but Chee-Nah’s tight grip forced the tiny puppy’s body to lift up as well. 

“OK, I gotta go,” Arnold said to the camera, “She’s still, ow, she — stop it, Chee-Nah!” 

The 53-year-old’s video hilariously ended with her and Chee-Nah continuing to go at it.

“Well…On a lighter note. I got a new puppy. #CheeNah the #TeaCupChihuahua – I’m too old for Buppies. Lol.” Arnold captioned her video. 

The “Little Shop of Horrors” songstress’s video brought fans back to her “Martin” TV show days when her character, Pamela James, fought a wild animal that was mistakenly identified as a puppy. In the episode, both Pam and Martin Lawrence uttered the iconic line, “That ain’t no damn puppy.”

“That ain’t no damn puppy! I’m sorry that was the first thing that came to my mind”

“That’s the damn animal y’all was fighting on Martin”

“Looking like that animal you fought at Chilligan’s Island”

“Chilligan’s Island” is the title of the 24th “Martin” episode during the show’s third season. Many other fans found it interesting that Arnold named her dog after her “Martin” on-screen BFF, Gina Waters Payne, portrayed by her off-screen BFF, Tisha Campbell. 

“So you named your puppy after your homie Gina! Hilarious”

“It sounded like you’re saying Gina instead of CheeNah”

Arnold’s video, which has over 800,000 replays, seemingly evoked nostalgic memories for fans who love the popular ’90s sitcom.

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