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Tichina Arnold Opens Up About Menopause and Why She Is the ‘Best Date Ever’ Following Divorce

Tichina Arnold recently disclosed why she would consider herself the “best date ever” while going through menopause during her Nov. 16 appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” 

According to Mayoclinic, menopause occurs when the menstrual cycle ends. The ages that menopause occurs varies. Individuals can experience menopause in their 40s or 50s. Some usual symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, sleep problems, weight gain, slow metabolism, etc. 

Tichina Arnold Opens Up About Menopause and Why She Is the ?Best Date Ever? Following Divorce
Tichina Arnold opens about dating with menopause, months after the actress filed for divorce from Rico Hines. (Photo: “Jennifer Hudson Show”/YouTube)

When Jennifer Hudson asked Arnold to describe what typically happens when she has her hot flashes, the “Martin” star opened up about the benefits of menopause despite the negative rap it gets from the public.

She said, “Okay who wants to talk about menopause? Anybody, anybody?” When the audience cheered, the 53-year-old offered words of encouragement to individuals going through it like herself.

Arnold said, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed because I went through menopause pretty early. I didn’t think I could have children and I had my daughter and I’m done. One and done. I’m one and done. I’m good I made my contribution to society. I’m done.”

Arnold also listed the inability to conceive another child as a huge perk to her dating life. She jokingly said, “But because I can’t get pregnant, I’m the best date ever. So you know I’m 53 with an 18-year-old just pray for me, just keep in your prayers.”

Towards the end of the interview, Hudson revealed that she had a gift, which was a personalized fan, for Arnold to help her with the hot flashes that she experiences. Before the singer could give Arnold the present, she pulled out a fan she had hidden on Hudson’s couch.

An amazed Hudson said, “She pulled it from up under my couch, my pillow.” Hudson added as she asked her assistant to bring out the gift, “But look I got another one for you. Come on bring me my gift. … We got you one that’s bedazzled for the queen.” The clip ends with Arnold posing with her new fan.

Arnold’s menopause and dating admission come months after the”Everybody Hates Chris” star reportedly finalized her divorce from Rico Hines. Arnold, who got married to the Toronto Raptors development coach in 2012, filed for divorce in 2021, five and half years after Hines’ alleged sex tape with an unidentified woman leaked.

According to TMZ, a judge signed off on Arnold’s request on July 15. A source told the publication that both parties waived their rights for spousal support, meaning Arnold and Wine would walk away with their assets. 

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