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'The Big Brain Theory': Talk Nerdy To Me, Kal Penn

Kal Penn, yes THE Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar fame, has been cast in an entirely different role as a host and producer on Discovery Channel’s newest brainchild The Big Brain Theory. According to, the reality show follows engineers compete for the title of best new inventor and potentially becoming the next Steve Jobs. A Discovery EVP Nancy Daniels stated “With the death of Steve Jobs, I think we all have wondered about the future of American innovation, and who will be the next great technological mind that will have serious impact on our lives.”

The Bellagio Fountain, one of WET’s most famous installments

On The Big Brain Theory competitors will have 30 minutes to complete a challenge using only their own ideas and intellect. Judges will then choose the two best engineering concepts and those inventors will bethat weeks “team captains”. The remaining engineers will be placed on the teams to help execute the idea. What a genius show for geniuses.

Sounds like nerd nirvana to me.

But really cool nerdy stuff. Taping for the show recently began at WET (Water Entertainment Technologies). WET is responsible for landmarks like The Bellagio Fountain, and the Dubai Fountain – the largest fountain in the world.

Kal Penn is a man of many talents, from Harold and Kumar to House, and taking a job at the White House the man clearly has his wits about him. Penn is certain to be a funny yet smart leader for the new show.

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