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‘She 29 and He 24: Debate Sparks After Christian Combs Pops Out with Girlfriend Five Years Older Than He Is

Diddy’s son Christian “King” Combs popped out with love interest Raven Tracy just as the new year opened up.

On Jan. 13, the Body clothing line founder acknowledged how much she appreciated her boo by penning a lengthy message to Combs that consisted of all the things she loves about him.

In the Instagram video that she posted, fans were able to see the two’s inability to keep their hands off of each other while “Snooze” by Grammy award-winner SZA played in the background. 

As the video opened up fans can see Combs going in for a hug as his hands caress his boo’s waistline all the way down to her buttocks. Combs didn’t hesitate to show off his body as well, for he pulled up his shirt making his defined six-pack visible.

Christian “King” Combs and Raven Tracy. (Photos: @soooraven/Instagram)

“I honestly didn’t know guys like you existed. I tell you all the time I wanna unzip you and climb in your skin to be closer to you. You are a breath of fresh air… like I can just relax and exhale,” she began her ode to Combs. 

Tracy ended her caption with, “I’m sooo happy. I love you sooo much and I can’t wait to continue on this path with you @kingcombs” 

Although Tracy’s post received the likes of over 100,000 fans, her comments were filled with posts from individuals who saw the couple’s five-year age gap as a problem, with Combs still being in his early 20s, compared with Tracy, who is turning 30 this year. 

“He’s too young for you.”

“If you don’t get off that lil azz boy and find you a real grown man.”

“No way she taking this lil boy serious.”

Despite the haters, several other commenters congratulated Tracy on finding love and even suggested that fans let them be happy.

“She 29 and he’s 24, y’all big mad haters in the building.”

“Y’all real life haters in these comments it’s sad as hell. They happy, leave them alone bruh, y’all acting like she’s obsessed when it’s the first time she’s even posted him on her page.” 

It’s unclear how and when the couple met or began dating, but Combs was the first one to upload a video of the two of them together. In his video back in August, Tracy can be seen sitting on his lap as he ate popcorn in promotion for his single “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.”

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