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‘A Goon, and a Motha’: Monica Hilariously Reacts to Fans Calling Her a ‘Goon’ Because of Her Family Pic

Fans know R&B singer Monica plays no games, which is one reason why she’s attained the nickname “Goonica” over the years. Her infamous moniker has stuck with fans and shows no signs of going away — even in 2023. 

The “Angel of Mine” singer uploaded a series of professionally taken photos that showed her with her daughter, Laiyah Shannon Brown, and the two sons she shares with rapper Rocko: Rodney and Romelo Hill. The third boy in the photo is Ramone Malik Hill, Rocko’s son from a previous relationship.

In the first photo, everyone is seen wearing all black underneath their black fur coats as Romelo, Monica and Laiyah are sitting on the couch, Monica being in the middle of course, while Ramone and Rodney stand right behind them. 

(L-R) Romelao Hill, Ramone Hill, Monica Denise Rodney Hill, Laiyah Brown (Photo: @monicadenise/Instagram)

The photos were taken for Romelo’s 15th birthday, which is Jan. 8. Though there were more photos than just their group shot, one fan got ahold of Monica’s first photo and uploaded it to Twitter writing,

“A goon, and a motha.” 

The tweet received over 465,000 views, and even received the notice of Monica, who uploaded the tweet to her Instagram account with the caption, “Y’all still doing this to me in 23’ [laughing emoji]”

The Shade Room is just one of the many blog sites that re-posted Monica’s message to its page, where fans let the R&B singer know she is never living the nickname down.

“Yes, in Goonica I trust”

“Goonica and the Goonettes”

“You gon’ forever be Goonica”

In an Instagram live conversation with her bestie Ciara and former Georgia State Rep. Stacey Abrams, Monica explained how she came to get the nickname

“I knew it came from, I don’t play about my family, my business, my integrity, the people I love; that was me,” she said. 

While “Goonica” originally stemmed from her no-nonsense attitude, Monica has explained how she “matured” her nickname throughout the years.

“I did less of the pop off and more of what I stand for and how I stand for them,” she shared.

Make no mistake, the old “Goonica” is not too far behind the re-branded one. In June, the “So Gone” singer made fans remember she’s not to be played with after an Instagram video upload showed her lying down in a hotel room watching a serial killer documentary with a pistol placed right by her side.

“PDFPWM” Monica captioned her video which made people assume those acronyms meant, “Please don’t f—–g play with me.” 

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