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‘What Is This Goonica I Hear About?’: Stacey Abrams Calls Out Monica By Asking Her to Explain Her Infamous Nickname

Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams left singers Monica and Ciara too stunned to speak after she called the “Angel of Mine” singer out for her notorious nickname “Goonica.”

Abrams accompanied the two besties on Ciara’s Instagram Live on Sept. 21 and discussed the influence she’s had on the Georgia community. As their conversation continued, Abrams single-handedly flipped the Live upside down after asking, “Miss fabulous Monica, with the hat, what is this ‘Goonica’ I hear about?” 

Monica’s eyes quickly opened 2 inches larger than their initial size as she attempted to exit the screen before Abrams called her back in. 

“I do my research, I meet you where you are. Come back into the frame.”

Instigating the situation, Ciara’s laughter switched into her calling out Monica’s nickname. “Ahh, Goonica!” she joked.

There was a pause that came over the three ladies, which was soon filled by Monica’s son, Rodney Ramone “Rocko” Hill III, who came into the camera frame and explained to Abrams what his mother’s nickname meant. 

“It means she don’t play,” Rocko said.

Confirming her son’s meaning, Monica gave a little background on how her well known nickname and its status came to be. 

“He’s exactly right. So, ‘Goonica,’ it started off as an insult. Like they’d call me ‘Goonica,’ ‘Glockica,’” Monica said. 

Although the new monikers were intended as insults, the College Park, Georgia, native spun the narrative and admitted she was never insulted by those names.

She continued, “I was never insulted because I knew that it came from, ‘I don’t play about my family, my business, my integrity, the people I love,’ that was me. One thing I did do I matured Goonica a bit. I did less of the pop off and more of what I stand for and how I stand for them.” 

While Monica did state her name derived from her 2003 hit single, “So Gone,” the R&B singer further clarified how she reinvented her name to signify what she wants people to remember her by. 

“A part of what I want my legacy to be is authenticity, genuineness, the ability to still touch the people and never think I’m above anything because we are all just everyday people.”

Fans were amused by Abrams, Monica, and Ciara’s interaction and celebrated Monica’s answer to the abrupt question.

“When you turn lemons into lemonade! I love it.”

“It’s Ciara giggling for me! Lol I love Monica and Ciara and Stacey. Love to see A-listers trending.” 

“If Monica don’t call this next album Goonica imma be upset.”

Monica’s “I don’t play” attitude has resulted in her iconic nicknames that she has not only accepted, but positively shifted the meaning of. 

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