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‘KEEP MY FATHERS NAME OUT YA MOUTH’: Reginae Carter Hits Back as Fans Debate Who’s Better Between Lil Wayne and Lil Baby

Reginae Carter does not see a rapper outshining her father, Lil Wayne, anytime soon. The Louisiana native has been on, or near, the top of countless lists attempting to organize rappers based on their discographies, chart-topping hits, and overall influence on hip-hop music for years. 

So, it comes as no surprise that the “Best Rapper Alive” artist’s eldest child took up for him as fans debated “Who goes harder Prime Lil Wayne or Current Lil Baby?” The divisive question was posed by My Mixtapez on Jan. 3. 

'I've Never Seen Him Look That Serious': Lil Wayne's Confused Facial Expression After Misinterpreting Who Reginae Carter was Calling 'Daddy' Had Fans Cracking Up
Lil Wayne and Reginae. (Photo: @itsreginae/Instagram)

“It’s not even a debate…Lil Wayne rapped over peoples beats and made you forget the original song,” wrote one fan.

Another commented that “Current Lil Baby, substance in his rhymes that will benefit the youth.  Haven’t heard someone rhyme with so many gems since Tupac or AZ.”

A third person suggested that, “Even Lil Baby would say Wayne is the [goat emoji].”

Reginae weighed in three days later. She wrote, “‘KEEP MY FATHERS NAME OUT YA MOUTH’ [laughing emojis] Nah fr y’all need to stop comparing my dad to the new Kids on the block..gotta stop! Everybody is super talented and dope! Let them have their run and time will tell.. but leave that marathon Wayne ran out of it…”

At this point, Lil Wayne is a veteran in the music industry with more almost three decades of hits under his belt. The fan-favorite lyricist recently a career milestone that only a few artists have managed: diamond status. In early December 2022, his single “Lollipop” was certified diamond by the RIAA, meaning it sold more than 10,000,000 copies. The hit song was featured on Wayne’s 2008 album “Tha Carter III.” The five-time Grammy Award winner confirmed he is ending his new music drought soon with the release of the highly-anticipated “Tha Carter VI.”

In October, “Love & Hip Hop” personality Benzino declared that Lil Baby was this generation’s Tupac. “He’s really from and wit[h] the s**ts & talks that street talk, but he also raps about positive elevation & change (like Pac). He never beefs online, helps his people, raps about it, and you can see his maturity, not just on the mic but in real life. He’s this generation’s Pac,” he wrote in a string of tweets applauding the Atlanta native.

That same month, Lil Baby released his third studio album, “Only Me.” Later this month, on Jan. 28, the rapper make his “Saturday Night Live” debut when he appears as the musical guest as Michael B. Jordan holds down hosting duties.

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