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‘We Don’t Want to See You, We Have a Father’: Court Records Show Nickelodeon Star Kel Mitchell Tried to See His Children Over the Years Despite Daughter’s Allegations

Last week, Kel Mitchell was called out by his elder daughter, Allure, as being an absentee father. The 21-year-old shared and deleted TikTok videos where she painted the “Kenan & Kel” actor as a supportive father “on paper.” The college student recalled him paying for a dorm because he didn’t want to open his home to her in one video. But Allure’s most damning confession was that Mitchell was not in her life between the ages of 5 and 15.

“I guess ten years without your children could do this to you. I am done being silenced,” she stated. “My father is the type of man to fake as if he’s in my life, but he’s not. He was there financially. What I mean by that is he only paid for what, in my eyes, looked good on paper.”

This information was revealed in the middle of a months-long court battle between Mitchell and Allure’s mother, Tyisha Hampton. As previously noted, the former couple remained married from 1995 to 2005 and also share one son, Lyric. Hampton now claims the Nickelodeon alum owes her $1.2 million in back child and spousal support.

Still, The Shade Room obtained contradicting court documents that suggest Mitchell attempted to be in his kids’ lives. The paperwork indicates he made several attempts over the years to get visitation rights even after the divorce.

The 44-year-old said after splitting from Hampton, he didn’t see the children again until 2012. That was the year he saw Allure and Lyric in “reunification therapy” with Hampton and a therapist named Susan Ralston.

The outlet also shared transcripts from a court hearing in November 2012 where the Chicago native described their reaction during the session.

“To not see them in six years and to finally be able to see them, and my son was…upset, and he was hurt. My daughter was also as well,” Mitchell recalled. “They would look straight out of the window and not at me. And they said that we don’t want to see you, we have a father.”

The “Good Burger” star suggested the children’s behavior in therapy was “very rehearsed” or coached by someone. He said, “They seemed very rehearsed, though. And I told them that I’ve been trying to see them for years without talking about their mother, telling them that I loved them, and my number’s here if you want to reach me. Here it is. And I’m here for you, and I love you, and you might not feel this way later.”

Both parents were scheduled to appear before a judge that day to discuss visitation, and Hampton did not. Mitchell’s lawyers said it spoke to her pattern of wrongdoing and noted that she missed previous court dates with “zero consequences for any of her conduct.”

For Father’s Day in June 2013, he opened up about fighting for his visitation rights in a YouTube video. He said it was directed at “men who have been alienated from their kids because of an upset ex-wife or upset baby mother.”

Mitchell chose not to reveal the reason why the social worker was involved, describing himself as a changed man who “responds in love.”

“I know God will reunite me with my children, and I have joy in my heart because of that, and I have peace because I’m giving it all to Christ,” he explained.

He also shared that he attempted suicide “years ago” and encouraged others feeling the same to continue praying. “But I’m glad God delivered me from that hallelujah,” he added. “And I’m here living a blessed and beautiful life.”

The “All That” entertainer returned with “Part 2” on Father’s Day in June 2015 to inform everyone of the “victory.”

“I’m so happy to say that I’ve been seeing my children and my children are back in my life,” he shared. “I’ve been seeing them every week. It’s been awesome. It’s been beautiful. I’m loving every minute of it.”

Mitchell then recollects a call he received on Labor Day, likely the year before, from his ex-wife’s boyfriend at the time. The boyfriend informed him to call a social worker about seeing his children. The former “One on One” actor claims he called the social worker, who was shocked to learn how hard he was working to be an active parent after being told by Hampton that he “didn’t want to be around.”

The “Like Mike 2” star said he was later informed about another upcoming court date regarding visitation. While there, he noticed his kids “were angry” and declined the chance to live with him when asked by the judge. Still, he was granted visitation, which began around Allure’s birthday in October. He said the first visit was “beautiful,” but on the second visit, “the kids were angry.”

Mitchel explained that there were more “angry visits” and harsh questions he endured from his children about their family’s new dynamic.

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