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‘Rushed Me to the Hospital’: Brandy’s Daughter Sy’Rai Smith Opens Up About the Scary Moment That Triggered Her Drastic Weight Loss

Health professionals say obesity shouldn’t be taken lightly, because the condition can have scary and sometimes life-altering effects. Brandy’s daughter, Sy’Rai Smith, knows firsthand what being at an unhealthy weight could do to a person’s body and brain. 

In a recent episode of the “Jst Us” Podcast with hosts Amber Wagner and Jacob Willis, Smith discussed her weight loss journey and described a terrifying incident that forced her to reconsider some unhealthy eating habits in order for her to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. 

Sy’Rai Smith (Youtube Screenshot of ‘Jst Us’ Podcast)

As soon as the interview opened up Smith was asked about her size transformation which has become a trending topic amongst fans for quite some time. Welcoming Wagner’s question, Smith recounted going through health problems at just 18 years old. 

The now-20-year-old described how in 2020 she was organizing a show for her friends who had a talent they wanted to share. While this was initially supposed to be a fun event, Smith said she began acting “crazy” for no real reason. 

“I was so irritated, I was so tired, it was just terrible.” She said,

As the days went by, 18-year-old Smith found herself exhausted again, this time from walking up a flight up stairs, causing her to pass out. 

I Get Very Insecure': Brandy's Daughter Sy'Rai Smith Opens Up About the 'Pressure' to Lose Weight and Having Her Mom's Support--- See Before and After Photos
Sy’Rai Smith before and after weight loss. (Photo: @syraismith/Instagram)

“My cousins were with me and they were like ‘What is going on with her?’ rushed me to the hospital and I had a health scare, and they told me, ‘Listen, like you need to get it together, like, this is crazy.’ and I was 18.” 

Scared for her life, literally, Smith decided to completely change her eating habits, mentality and overall way of living. During the interview, she shared that she “cut out everything” that was not in accordance with her new vigorous lifestyle.

“It wasn’t ever for vanity reasons or I wanted to fit into this or anything like that because I was so confident the way I was, but it was just so scary to be told at 18 that you could die at any moment.” 

Being overweight doesn’t just include physical challenges such as fainting and irritability, it also involves numerous health issues, something Smith unknowingly acquired before her abrupt change.

“I was pre-diabetic, I had sleep apnea, I was severely anemic, I had like a couple of blood transfusions,” Smith said. “It was crazy how unhealthy I was, and it was because of my weight.”

Thankfully, Smith’s health turned around with help from her doctors and support from her mother and friends. 

“My doctors are amazing, my mom is amazing, thank God for her. Everyone around me was just so supportive. My friends, all of them were just like, ‘Do it Rai.’”

Though her new routine may be healthier, it isn’t always the easiest to follow. Smith gave insight on how she’s able to maintain this newfound lifestyle despite delicious temptations such as cake, cookies or Doritos. 

Smith stated that before succumbing to her junk food cravings, she would ask herself, “Is the Doritos gonna make me feel good for an hour or is the watermelon or is the bananas?”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “About 1 in 5 American children” suffered from obesity in 2022. This topic is an imperative one for families all over the U.S. who need to instill healthier eating habits in children so they are able to maintain those patterns as they enter adulthood. 

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