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SZA Confirms Former Relationship with Drake but Claims He Got the Year Wrong

SZA has confirmed that she and Drake did in fact date each other once upon a time. On Oct. 4, the singer took to Twitter admitting that she and the “In My Feelings” rapper were once an item and also cleared up some concerns about the timeline of their relationship.

The “Love Galore” singer referred to Drake’s featured verse in 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s song “Mr. Right Now” where he mentions dating “SZA back in ’08.”  

SZA and Drake. (Photos: @sza/Instagram, @champagnepapi/Instagram)

She tweeted, “So It was actually 2009 lol.. in this case a year of poetic rap license mattered lol,” she said. “I think he jus innocently rhymed 08 w wait. Anybody who really knows me and was around during this time can confirm.. it’s all love all peace.”

Clarifying, she followed up with another tweet saying, “I just didn’t want anybody thinking anything underage or creepy was happening . Completely innocent . Lifetimes ago .”

The 29-year-old’s second tweet comes shortly after fans tried to calculate what her age was in 2008 and made claims that while Drake was in his 20s at that time, SZA was underaged.

“Holluppp so she was 17 an he was 21,” said one suspicious fan.

Another added, “SZA was 17 in 08 chile.” Digging a little deeper, some fans did the math, and found out that “she was 17 until november………..”

News of SZA and Drake’s former romance originally broke on Oct. 2 after the rapper appeared on the fourth song of 21 Savage’s and Metro Boomin’s second joint album, “Savage Mode 2.”

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Shortly after their old relationship was outed, SZA posted a video to her Instagram Story in which she seemingly responded to the news. She posted a short clip of the viral Crazy Dee’Jay video with him saying “Excuse me ma’am, excuse me…you’re in my business. Yea. Don’t do that. Any who. MY WAY MY WAY.”

As previously mentioned, SZA ended her tweet with the words “it’s all love all peace,” but, according to People magazine, she unfollowed Drake after the song was released. However, Drake still follows SZA.

A lot of fans are curious as to why Drake decided to disclose the 11-year-old fling now. Is it possible that he wants that old thing back?

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