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Who Are Singing Sensation Chloe x Halle’s Parents? Here’s What We Know

Singing duo Chloe x Halle is a force to be reckoned with since the two sisters go their start by doing small roles in films such as, “The Fighting Temptations,” “Last Holiday,” and “Meet The Browns.” But it was their consistency in uploading covers of various pop songs onto YouTube that helped them become internet sensations

In 2015, they received notice from multi-talented Grammy award-winner Beyoncé, who signed them to her label, Parkwood Entertainment. However, Chloe x Halle did not get this far by themselves, for without their parents the beloved neo-soul duo wouldn’t be in existence. 

(From left) Halle Bailey, Branson Bailey, Chloe Bailey, Courtney Bailey, Doug Bailey. (Photo: @chloexhalle/Instagram)

Who Are Chloe and Halle’s Parents?

Courtney and Doug Bailey have been married for over two decades and lived in Atlanta for several years before picking up and moving to Los Angeles in 2006.

Doug’s birthday is Nov. 9, and Courtney’s birthday is Nov. 7.

Before working as his daughter’s previous manager, Doug was a stockbroker and Courtney continues to work as a recruitment officer.

In addition to Chloe and Halle Bailey, the couple also share a son, Branson Bailey, who is 17 years old, and an older daughter, Ski Bailey.

Doug and Courtney’s Relationship with Chloe x Halle 

While it seemed as if this were a close-knit family, followers have said they notice Chloe’s posts about her parents have become minimal. This created rumors about there being a rift in their relationship. 

It wasn’t until early October when the “For The Night” singer finally opened up about her home life and relationship with her parents. 

During a conversation with fans on Twitter Spaces, Chloe noted not being as close to her mother and father as she was in the past. 

“I don’t have the closest relationship with my parents. Maybe one day, down the line, I’ll share why.” 

But make no mistake, both Bailey girls never miss a Father’s Day nor Mother’s Day post celebrating their parents.

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