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‘It’s Branson for Me’: Chloe x Halle Fans are Impressed By Their Brother’s Ability to Hold His Own While Singing

It comes as no surprise that the talented sister duo Chloe x Halle blows fans away with their vocal stunts on the regular. 

But when Halle shared a throwback video of herself, Chloe, and their brother Branson singing, fans found themselves floored by the talent that flooded the trio’s gene pool.

Chloe, Halle and their brother Branson belt out Keyshia Cole’s song “Love.” (Photo: @hallebailey/Instagram)

Halle captioned the video, “Anyone else love watching their photo booth videos back? me and my siblings love singing our hearts out 😭💗.” In the 38-second clip the trio executes a nearly flawless performance of singer Keyshia Cole’s “Love” full of head sways and passionate hand gestures.

Halle’s fans were quick to jump in the comments to share their own experiences singing the song that often ends with a disastrous attempt at the “I found love” vocal run.

“Whew even y’all’s play singing is on key. Me and my siblings could never 😂”

“I be sounding like a dying whale tryna sing this song 😂😂”

A few people even likened their attempts at singing the song to that of rapper OT Genasis popular 2019 version.

“😂😂😂😂  Bruh this beautiful, I got a version with my siblings BUT it ain’t this version though it’s @otgenasis and off key as hell 😂😂” commented a person.

“Okkkkaaayyy I don’t think @keyshiacole will be mad about this version,” wrote another.

OT Genasis even managed to get a rise out of Keyshia, who found his less-than-stellar rendition and lyric changes to be a compliment

“I would like my classics to be left alone. Is that wrong as an artist to say? … How am I gon’ get paid when you makin’ new lyrics and you ain’t sent me out a check or anything like that? 

But above all else, fans were most stunned by 16-year-old Branson holding his own while singing with his Grammy Award-nominated sisters.

“Hold up cause it’s Branson for me”

“How come Branson is SAAANNGGINN 😭😭😭 I love y’all too much!”

“branson can sing too?!?? well damn he must be the x”

“will it be chloexhallexbranson soon?😂”

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