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Chloe’s Steamy Performance In Contrast to Her Sister Halle Has Some Fans Wondering If She Should Go Solo: ‘One Is Fire and One Is Ice’

A jaw-dropping new performance by Chloe x Halle had fans wondering if one of them has what it takes to go solo.

Ever since the R&B duo dropped their album “Ungodly Hour,” they’ve been racking up acclaim for their work as well as praise for each successive performance of its music. They were even nominated for a Grammy award for Best Progressive R&B Album, continuing their current streak of success. The two ladies have achieved so much together, but now some are asking if one could accomplish more apart.

The Chloe x Halle of Halle Bailey (left) and her older sister Chloe Bailey (right). (Photo: @chloexhalle/Instagram)

The questions arose after the performance Chloe and Halle did on Dec. 22 for Verizon’s private virtual show “Verizon Up.” Viewers noticed that while their vocals were in sync, Chloe and Halle’s energy wasn’t, with the older sister Chloe injecting a little more enthusiasm in the setting than her sibling.

This led to suggestions of Chloe going solo, which was followed by a heated discussion, and particular pushback from fans of the duo who can’t imagine the two sisters flourishing separately.

The general argument was that Chloe exhibited Beyoncé-esque stage presence, which was mismatched with Halle’s more understated effort. Therefore, some felt Chloe’s energy would be better spent as an individual singer. However, fans flooded Twitter, defending the effectiveness of the pair as vocalists and performers.

The sisters are still early in their careers, so if a split were to happen it would likely not be anytime soon. Chloe x Halle themselves have said that they enjoy working and growing together as artists, so for now their fans should have nothing to worry about.

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