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Lori Harvey and Damson Idris Romance Rumors Confirmed, Couple Spotted Leaving Dinner Together

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris have recently been linked as an alleged couple and seemed to have confirmed speculations after they were caught out on a date night. 

(L) Lori Harevy @loriharvey/Instagram (R) Damson Idris @damsonidris/Instagram

The Neighborhood Talk uploaded a video to its page where fans could see Harvey and Idris enjoying a night out at the European restaurant Olivetta in West Hollywood, California. 

“The two arrived together at 8:16 pm and left at 10:32. Damson was escorted to the passenger back seat of his Escalade by his personal security. His security then walked back in to escort Lori to the other side of the Cadillac behind the driver’s seat,” wrote the Instagram gossip site. 

For their date, Harvey rocked a brown cutout dress with her hair braided in cornrows styled together in a bun. As for Idris, the “Snowfall” actor chose an all-black suit to wear for their outing. 

Many fans decided to comment on the model’s ability to consistently bag good-looking men. 

“One thing about Lori, she only dates fine men, period”

“If Lori don’t do nothing else, she going to upgrade!”

There were also a few comments surrounding how much Idris is seemingly interested in Harvey due to her having men sign a non-disclosure agreement in order for them to date her. 

“He must’ve had that money to sign that NDA”

“Lordt, so he got the million for the NDA? [heart eyes]”

Harvey sent social media into a frenzy after a rumor sparked stating that the entrepreneur has men sign a $1 million confidential contract if they are interested in dating her. 

This news comes after Harvey’s split from actor Michael B. Jordan, whom Harvey spent a little over a year dating. 

The pair broke things off back in June, however neither of them has publicly spoken out about the reasoning. 

Although Harvey and Jordan never announced why they split, fans speculated that it had something to do with the “Creed” actor being “too close” to an ex after Harvey stated in Teyana Taylor’s Bumble series, “Luv 2 See It with Teyana Taylor” that it’s a red flag for her lover to be close with an ex. 

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