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Relationship Guru Derrick Jaxn Announces Divorce from His Wife As New Pictures Surface Of Him Out with Mystery Woman in Miami

A popular self-proclaimed relationship guru announced he and his wife are filing for divorce, after years of media scrutiny. The love coach took to social media to share the news with his followers, asking for those who will to “pray” for them as they embrace their new normal.

On Saturday, Dec. 10, social media influencer Derrick Jaxn posted on his Instagram the news about himself and his wife Da’Naia Jackson officially parting ways after four years of marriage after another blogger released pictures of him with another woman in Miami for Art Basel.

In a lengthy caption alongside a beautiful black-and-white image of the two, he revealed the couple has been going through changes for several months.

“Over the past several months, my family and I have gone through many changes. Some of you have speculated while others of you have reached out to offer support as we privately established this new normal for ourselves and our beautiful children,” Jaxn wrote, explaining, “Earlier this year after much prayer, counseling, and deep consideration, we decided to go our separate ways and filed for divorce. Making the decision to file was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I’ve found peace knowing that our mission of raising healthy children, starting with healthy and whole parents is still being accomplished.”

According to Jaxn, the two fell “in love as just teenagers,” before becoming married and having children. He told his 1.3 million followers he is “grateful for the years” they spent together as a couple “and wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Ending his note by saying, “I was blessed to have such an amazing person in my life and will forever be thankful for all she’s meant to our family.”

Now, with the announcement of their divorce — rumored to be sparked by allegations made by blogger Task K that he was in Art Basel with another woman outside of his wife hours before his post— his message may change.

Blogger Tasha K shares photo of Derrick Jackson with a mystery woman in Miami during Art Basel Week.  @unwinewithtashak

Jaxn became popular on Instagram by reprimanding men for mistreating Black women, giving them tips about creating healthy relationships, and peddling games and books on the topic. His business model hinged on his marriage.

Three weeks ago, Da’Naia seemed to have still been fighting for her marriage.

A devout Christian, the soon-to-be ex-wife weaponized biblical scriptures against any detractors in a video she posted on Instagram.

“Every person speaking against the names Da’Naia Jackson and Derrick Jaxn in mockery, accusations, slanders, and lies, may the mercies of God be withdrawn from you. May your husbands and wives become widows. Let your children become fatherless,” Jackson said in a venomous curse.

“Let your seed become vagabonds on the earth. Let the words of your mouth and the work of your hands be returned back to you. Let it go down your throat and choke you slowly until your days become few on the earth,” she continued. “The word of God says, ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.’ You’ve been warned,” she continued. “Keep our names out of your mouth in the name of Jesus. Have a blessed day.”

Some of those coming against the couple’s marriage may be the many gossip bloggers who blasted Jaxn’s cheating ways, most notably his 2021 affair with Candice De Medeiros. De Medeiros claimed she only started the affair with him in 2020 because he allegedly told her he and his wife were separated.

In response to the affair becoming public, the former couple appeared on a video together, where Jaxn apologized to his then-wife and followers.

Jackson has not responded to his announcement.

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