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‘This Can’t Be About the Picture’: Sizzla Sends Fiery Message to DJ Khaled, Destroys Two Platinum Plaques After ‘Insult’

Veteran reggae musician Sizzla doesn’t take too kindly to what he deems is disrespect, and he’s letting it be known in a fiery way.

The Kingston-born entertainer sent a message to Grammy Award-winning producer DJ Khaled in an Instagram post on Thursday, Dec. 8, when he and a few of his friends were witnessed destroying and setting ablaze two platinum RIAA certification plaques for his work on DJ Khaled’s 2017 album “Grateful” and his 2019 album “Father of Asahd.”

The “Take Myself Away” musician appeared to take issue with the appearance of the plaques, which featured the art cover of both albums, mainly showing images of DJ Khaled, his name, or his son Asahd. Sizzla, a frequent collaborator with the New Orleans-born producer, was not featured on either album; however, his name was featured near the “presented to” tag. 

In the clip, Sizzla tells the guys to “Cut out the baby picture.” He continues to repeat, “DJ Khaled, you insult me,” but he never provides further explanation. At one point, he even pops into the frame to say, “babies are innocent.”  

Throughout the video, complaints are made about the lack of a “proper picture” of Sizzla and the font size of his name. There are also accusations of a lack of gratitude. Soon after, the men assemble several pieces of the plaques in a pile before drizzling a generous amount of gasoline and letting it burn. 

In another post, Sizzla reiterated, “DJ Khaled, Insult me. You insult Jamaica.” He later appeared holding up the photos of Khaled’s son he had previously cut out, stating, “I rather accept this as my plaque, man. Babies are innocent. That’s my godchild right here, OK,” before instructing someone off camera to place both photos in his studio.  

The incident left many fans on social media confused, considering the two artists and their long history working together, and it wasn’t long before many supporters began creating their own theories behind what could’ve caused a rift in the once glowing friendship. 

“This can’t be about the picture,” asserted one online user. “Sizzla is not a new artist in the industry and I’m sure he understands what a plaque is and how it goes. It has to be deeper than that.”

DJ Khaled has yet to respond to the recent events. 

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