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Fat Joe Gets Skewered for Saying DJ Khaled Is the ‘Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop,’ Rapper Responds

Fat Joe isn’t taking back the high praise he gave his brother in music, DJ Khaled, during a recent episode of “Drink Champs” regardless if many found it to be too extravagant a title for the super producer.

Earlier this week, rapper Noreaga shared a clip from the latest episode of his podcast featuring the Bronx emcee, during which Joe gave high praise to Khaled, expressing that he felt the Grammy winner didn’t get the admiration he deserves and compared him to the legendary composer Quincy Jones.

“People take away the greatness from Khaled, and they say, ‘Well, he just gets a bunch of big-time rappers and puts them on the same song,’” Joe told hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. “There’s a million DJs and producers that try that, and those ain’t hit records. And it’s been a long time since we heard Nas and Jay-Z on what to me sounds like a smash hit, like a SMASH hit, that can play on the radio, it’s streaming incredibly. So, DJ Khaled really is the Quincy Jones of hip-hop right now.”

This was a bold statement to make, or at least that’s how several social media users felt when they took to their respective platforms to address Joe’s remarks. Many were left in disbelief over the statement, including one user who wrote, “I know Fat Joe didn’t compare a man that yells on tracks and puts together forgettable Hip Hop Avengers tracks to the great Quincy Jones.”

Another person commented, “P Diddy told DJ Khaled his last album was his ‘Illmatic,’ Fat Joe telling this man he’s Quincy Jones… and y’all wonder why he releases mid and acts like he just dropped Thriller.” They added, “Rich people just lie lol.” 

“Y’all gotta stop disrespecting Quincy Jones 🤦🏽‍♂️,” wrote a third on Instagram in the comments section underneath Noreaga’s post. A fourth said, “Y’all n-ggas high and drunk Khalid can’t touch Quincy Jones😂😂.”

Fat Joe returned to the comments section to address the outrage, stating, “All these back seat drivers Monday morning quarterbacks always got an opinion but can’t do it themselves sh-t crazy to me.” The rapper clarified his remarks, saying, “The term Quincy jones of this time was used in reference to the work khaled has put in years and years of hit.” He acknowledged that “obviously there’s only one Quincy”  before telling viewers to tune in to his episode. 

Rapper Fat Joe addressed fans who didn’t agree with his statement that DJ Khaled is the Quincy Jones of hip-hop. @fatjoe/Instagram

In a later video, the rapper again addressed those who disagreed with him, stating, “When I make reference to Khaled being the Quincy Jones of hip-hop, now, there’s a million guys putting a bunch of rappers together — 1 million guys putting sh-t together. Every DJ, every guy you know, and they come together, big guys, and they’re not hits.”

He continued, “This is my point — Khaled puts out No. 1 albums, No. 1 hits, the album is incredible for me. Give the man his credit. We deal with so much hate of people just, you know what I call them, Monday morning quarterbacks and backseat joggers. ‘I woulda did this, yo, I coulda did that’ — nah, bro. I was there for the entire album.”

Check out Fat Joe’s comments down below. 

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