‘He Looks Happier’: DJ Khaled Shows Off His Weight Loss Transformation After Dropping Down to 263 Pounds

DJ Khaled has been hitting the links and working on his backswing, and it’s led to him dropping some weight.

While the New Orleans-born DJ has been preparing for the release of his latest album, “Til Next Time,” he’s dropped down to 263 pounds after taking up golf.

DJ Khaled is a "true golf nut" as he says its helped him drop lbs and get closer with his son.
DJ Khaled says golf has helped him lose weight and bond with his sons. (Photos: @djkhaled/Instagram)

Khaled is now singing the praises of the sport in a recent interview with Us Weekly. Khaled told the magazine he began to see the results in his weight loss journey after adding the sport to his daily routine, which helped him lose 24 pounds recently.

What does that look like, Khaled, “Wake up in the morning, pray, kiss my kids [and] my wife, come downstairs.” The 47-year-old said then he takes his “vitamins, might have a breakfast or might have a light breakfast just to take my vitamins, put my golf clothes on [and] I’m going golfing.”

How he golfs changes, as he said he chooses to either do nine holes, 18 holes or just go to the driving range each day. Khaled said, “I do it every day and I get a chance to sit on the golf cart or walking about to answer an email or a call and handle my business.”

The We The Best music group founder said that it was more “pleasurable” for him to do his work on the golf course because of the sun and nature.

“I handle my business so well because I’m either out there by myself or if I’m playing with my friends or my business partners,” he said.

Khaled is not the only one in his family who has fallen in love with the fairway. The “GOD DID” artist has introduced the game to his sons, Asahd and Aalam, and he says they are just as much golf fans as he is.

“They love golf,” he said. “When they’re not in school on the weekends or holidays, they go play golf with dad. And that’s a beautiful thing to do, to be able to play golf with my boys and just kick it.”

Fans are loving DJ Khaled’s new passion.

“awesome … he looks happier too.”

“GOLF DID!!!!”

“I love that DJ Khaled has a whole crew of country club old men that he regularly plays golf with. Khaled the [goat emoji].”

The Grammy-winning artist has been working on his golf game for a while, according to a video for his new song, “SUPPOSED TO BE LOVED,” featuring verses from Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Baby. It features dozens of clips of Khaled cheering after scoring on various golf courses, hitting the tee, and causing a crash in his golf cart.

The nearly four-minute video also includes clips from Khaled’s star-studded golf tournament, which was held in July.

In attendance were the likes of his many music collaborators and celebrity friends, including Swizz Beatz, Bun B, Quavo, Diddy, Cedric the Entertainer, Shannon Sharpe, and Serena Williams, who gave birth to her second daughter a month later. The event was held in Miami in partnership with his We The Best Foundation and the Jordan Brand.

Next month, Khaled heads to Italy via a partnership with the 2023 Ryder Cup USA versus Europe four-day team competition, which starts Sept. 28.

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