Tamika Scott Reveals Why She’s ‘Not Talking’ to Sister LaTocha Scott Amid Xscape Feud: ‘Problems That We’re Having as a Family Should Have Never Been Spoken About’

The Xscape drama continues to unfold; this time Tamika Scott had something to say regarding her sister LaTocha Scott distancing herself from the group and what that meant for their relationship. 

Tamika Scott Reveals Why She's 'Not Talking' to Sister LaTocha Scott Amid Xscape Feud: 'Problems That We're Having as a Family Should Have Never Been Spoken About'
Xscape members (from left) LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Kandi Burruss. (Photo: @iamlatocha/Instagram)

On Thursday, Dec. 1, three of the four Xscape ladies spoke on the recent drama concerning their fellow band mate during a radio show interview that was livestreamed on Instagram. 

Midway through the interview, 47-year-old Tamika revealed that while she will always have her sister’s back, she does not agree with LaTocha’s recent actions.

“I love my sister and I’m always here for her,” Tamika said, “The personal problems that we’re having as a family should have never been spoken about. But she decided to speak on it to clear her name.” 

To update those who may be trying to keep up, LaTocha removed herself from Xscape after the group’s Soul Train Awards red carpet look ignited drama due to LaTocha’s dress not being in coordination with the other ladies. 

After a great amount of hearsay, LaTocha decided to upload a lengthy explanation onto her Instagram where she explained why she used a different stylist, why she no longer speaks to her sister Tamika, claiming that Tamika had gotten smart with their mother. LaTocha also alleged her husband, talent manager Rocky Bivens, had been threatened by Xscape’s promoter. 

All of these reasons were great enough for LaTocha to pull herself out of the upcoming Xscape tour. 

However, according to Tamika Scott, she did not disrespect their mother nor did her sister’s husband get “threatened” out of the blue. 

As the radio show interview continued, Tamika revealed “She [LaTocha] was like ‘I’m not talking to my sister she disrespected my mama’ which was a lie. So, that right there in itself, it hurts.” 

The vocalist also described the situation revolving around Bivens and how any form of threats came about. 

“As far as the rumor about the promoter threatening her husband, the truth of the matter is he threatened him first and we have the emails.”

It seems as if Tamika and LaTocha have a lot of relationship mending to do. Hopefully, it can happen sooner rather than later, so Tamika won’t have another breakdown during an Xsacpe performance.

The newfound trio’s performance in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2022 stirred up conversation amongst fans and bandmate Tiny Harris after a video showed Tamika getting emotional while singing their ’90s single “Understanding.” 

Many fans inferred it had something to do with Tamika’s estranged relationship with LaTocha, however she never confirmed nor denied those claims. 

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