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‘You Don’t Know What’s Going on with Them’: Tamika Scott’s Breakdown During Xscape Performance Prompts Fans to Believe It’s About Her Sister LaTocha Scott, Tiny Harris Fires Back

Tiny Harris would like fans to hold their opinions regarding a video that showed her fellow Xscape group member Tamika Scott get emotional during the trio’s performance of one of the group’s hit songs, “Understanding.”

The iconic ’90s girl group that started off as a quartet, but currently is a trio performed in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2022. While performing their 1993 hit single, “Understanding,” Scott became emotional and fans could see Kandi Burruss walking toward her with her arms held out. 

(L-R) LaTocha Scott, Kandi Burruss, Tamika Scott, Tiny Harris (Pictured Tiny Harris’ Instagram @majorgirl)

Scott met Burruss halfway and they embraced just seconds after she seemingly wiped her eyes. 

@Dreka__ captured the touching moment on video, with various online outlets then reposting to their respective Instagram pages. 

Gossip of the City with the Instagram handle @Thegossipofthecitytea uploaded the video and fans soon had quite a bit to say about why they felt Scott appeared to be so emotional. 

Many comments surrounded the recent fallout the three girls had with their fourth member LaTocha Scott, who is Tamika’s sister. 

One particular comment led Harris to respond. 

Harris wrote, “You don’t know what’s going on fr with them… she loves her sister & that’s the end of that!” after a comment by @Onlyone.neisha that read, “That’s still her sister at the end of the day.”

Another person commented, “She prolly feel like she going against her own sister, and thinking about how that broke the group up originally. It’s like samething replaying itself over again.”

That comment did not sit right with the 47-year-old who wrote a pretty lengthy response back, noting that everyone should “hold their opinion.”

Harris wrote, “@yrnrocko_215 u might wanna hold your opinion till u see the real deal for yourself! No hearsay!! Just str8 facts! Love is in the air today tho… Be sure to tune into our new show on @bravotv in 2023 – Chile “These are the Days Of Our Lives…..” #TamikaScottDay” 

Tiny Harris responds to fans. @gossipofthecitytea/Instagram

Scott’s older sister LaTocha recently removed herself from the group’s tour after drama formed over her rep-carpet outfit choice. 

During this year’s Soul Train Awards, the four ladies of Xscape posed side by side for red carpet photos. However, the photos quickly received a good amount of attention from fans who pointed out LaTocha, who wore a bright green gown, wasn’t dressed in coordination with the rest of her bandmates, who wore silver dresses. 

While LaTocha addressed the hearsay saying it was a simple mix-up since she has a different stylist than the group, a few days later she uploaded a long message on Instagram saying she would be distancing herself from Burruss, Harris and her own sister Tamika. 

After LaTocha’s post, Harris uploaded her own message onto Instagram, noting that the three women were “still gone shine” throughout any trials thrown their way. 

Tiny Harris seemingly responds to LaTocha Scott’s departure announcement. @majorharris/Instagram

LaTocha has yet to publicly comment on the video of her sister. 

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