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‘A Couple of Them Hits Looked Too Real’: Kelly Rowland and Marsai Martin Had Fans Shook After Participating In This TikTok Trend

Kelly Rowland and “black-ish” star Marsai Martin put their acting abilities to the test after participating in a TikTok trend known as the Juicy Fruit dance challenge.

The viral trend showcases individuals play fighting to the instrumental beat of Mtume’s 1983 song “Juicy Fruit.”

Kelly Rowland and Marsai Martin participate in the Juicy Fruit dance challenge, which involves fake fighting. Photo:@marsaimartin/TikTok

In the clip, the pair was seen jamming to the song when the 41-year-old fake elbowed Martin in the face. As the video continued, Martin reappeared on-screen, and fake slapped Rowland. Following the slap, the mother of two returned and lightly punched Martin in the stomach.

Toward the end of the recording, Rowland and Martin did a sequenced dance before the 17-year-old threw her last fake punch. As the clip began circulating online, many were taken aback by the video.

Some fans brought up that the fake fighting challenge will not age well for other people despite Martin and Rowland having good acting skills. At the same time, several individuals mentioned they thought the duo was actually hitting each other.

“WOW … this TikTok trend may not age well. Somebody gon’ go too far. They look great tho!”

“Soooo many people are going to injure each-other badly trying this one.”

“Some of yall gonna get tore up tryna recreate this challenge. Keep in mind these ladies know how to ACT.. Try this at your own risk.”

“Nah cause a couple of them hits looked TOO REAL.”

“I thought that first hit was real.”

“I got scared at first cause I thought it was real.”

Among the previous comments, others wondered what potential project could Rowland and Martin were working on because this is the first time the pair has been seen together publicly.

One wrote, “I just need to know what they’re working on together or if they just happened to be in the same room.” Another said, “I hope they about to be in something on our screens.”

A third person posted, “Am I the only one curious to know what they’re working on together ?! Cause ain’t no way they’re just chilling together for no reason!”

The pair will be starring in the upcoming film “Fantasy Football” alongside Omari Hardwick.

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