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Who is 50 Cent’s Girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines?: What You Need to Know and More

Who is 50 Cent’s longtime girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines? The fitness guru has built quite a public profile since being linked to the superstar. But, for some people, Haines, who goes by Cuban Link on social media, is still somewhat of a mysterious figure. 

Who is 50 Cent’s Girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines?

Rumors that the model might be 50’s new leading lady surfaced online in the summer of 2019. Haines was spotted with the mogul at the season 6 premiere of the hit series “Power.”

50 Cent's Girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines
50 Cent and Cuban Link. (Photo: @_cuban_link/Instagram)

She was photographed with her hand on 50’s thigh as they sat on a couch at the event, and in others she is seen on the red carpet alongside him. 

As if the photos were not enough to validate the whispers of a romantic link, Jamira Haines confirmed the relationship when she posted, “I love how y’all are happy that I’m happy. That’s love! Some of it might be fake but it’s the thought that counts. I see y’all comments!!”

50 Cent and Girlfriend Jamira Haines Put Two Vision Boards Together

Seven months after going public with their relationship, 50 Cent opened up to People about how he and Haines made vision boards together and talked about areas where they align with each other. “For 30 days, I [told her],’Send me a picture of something you want. Then, after the 30 days, I did the same. At the end of it, we put the two vision boards together and talked about the things that don’t match up.”

He continued, “It sparked conversations that we probably wouldn’t have gotten to randomly, and it was easier for us to express it because it’s so early.”

Who is 50 Cent?s Girlfriend Jamira ?Cuban Link? Haines?: What You Need to Know and More
Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines. (Photo: Cuban_link/Instagram)

Jamira Haines’ ethnicity is Cuban-American, but she grew up in Camden, New Jersey. Born on November 12, 1994, as an adolescent, she ran track, but her passion for fitness did not come to an end with her high school matriculation. Haines takes pride in maintaining her healthy and toned physique.

In the past, the Instagram model has posed for brands such as Puma, as well as her own athleisure brand, CubanFit. 50 Cent’s girlfriend Cuban Link can also add fitness trainer to her list of gigs.

Jamira Haines is a social media star who attended Rutgers University. The Instagram influencer has a following of more than 1.8 million followers, as well as more than 6,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she generally avoids discussing her personal life.

In the past, Jamira Haines was rumored to have shared a romantic relationship with Omelly. 50 Cent’s current foe and former G-Unit artist The Game taunted Haines’ boyfriend in March when he shared an alleged topless photo of the model.

The “How We Do” rapper claimed he received the images along with the message “video girl? Keep in mind” along with a phone number.

The Game doubled down on trolling 50 Cent when he mentioned the rapper’s larger physique at this year Super Bowl halftime show, which was seen all around the world.

“Oh’ n tell ya girl stay out of my DM’s… if she don’t want her man overweight, fat as f**k hanging upside down like the rotisserie chicken at the Super Bowl,” the rapper wrote. 50 Cent did not publicly address The Game nor topless photo claims.

Who is 50 Cent?s Girlfriend Jamira ?Cuban Link? Haines?: What You Need to Know and More
(From left) Vivica A. Fox, 50 Cent, Jamira Haines. (Photos: @msvfox/Instagram, @50cent/Instagram, @_cuban_link/Instagram)

In August 2019 she was recognized by Camden’s City Council for her contributions to the community. In a social media post, she shared that the commendation read in part, “With being able to continue her fitness journey, Jamira has accomplished building her brand, Cuban Fit.”

Haines penned a heartfelt message to her beau on his 47th birthday this year. She captioned a series of photos of the two, “My favorite person. The epitome of a Man.” Haines added, “There’s so much to celebrate you for; your love, generosity, diligence, the list can go on! You are nothing short of a blessing to many! Thank You for being my person! My lover & best friend! May God continue to protect and bless you! Happy Birthday King. More Life ! More Blessings!”

Their First Date

During an Instagram Live in 2020, the couple gave fans a snippet into their first date. “The first time I went to meet her, she gave me an address and it was the restaurant,” said 50 Cent. Apparently the rapper was expecting the address to lead him to Cuban Link’s home. She added, “I had to make sure you were like … real. You wasn’t coming to my house.”

Shutting Down Plastic Surgery Rumors

Haines responded to a social media user accusing her of altering her nose in an IG post. Haines wrote, “Girl sthu. i ain’t get sh*t done. I’m sick of y’all. it’s a d**n filter!” Finna start cussing y’all dumba**es out ! I’m sick of y’all!” She continued, “I looked the same my entire life .. ain’t sh*t change .. I’m NATURALLY that girl .. & I stand on that! Y’all brainwashed mf’s can’t pull my card. EVER! & thats as much energy as I’m finna give y’all pea brain a**es! if you say ‘i shouldn’t respond to them’ ima block you! Stfu too! Lmao.”

Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines is Testing Out Her Hosting Skills

This past December, Cuban Link began guest hosting a new series, “Boss Girls Guide,” on Cleo TV. So far, two episodes have aired, where she showed off her aerial yoga and boxing skills, tested out her cooking chops in a chef-led cooking lesson, and most recently, highlighted some of the hottest beauty tips.

Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines on Building an Empire

In May of 2021, she purchased her first home as an investment property she plans to flip. In photos posted online, she shared that the “lucrative investment” was made via her company Linked Investments LLC. Her doting boyfriend also shared the news with his followers in a post congratulating her on the big purchase.

Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines is a Leader

In an Instagram post, the influencer shared that her approach to being an efficient boss it to lead others through inclusivity, to empower, and to be ethical. She added, “Position is not an indication of leadership and leaders are not born, they are made.”

In a 2021 interview, the actress said that 50 Cent was the love of her life. The admission did not sit well with Haines. The two women exchanged a series of jabs on social media until 50 Cent’s girlfriend and Fox finally decided to put an end to the feud. In an IG comment, Haines wrote, “Humorous comment bad timing that’s all!”

Who is 50 Cent?s Girlfriend Jamira ?Cuban Link? Haines?: What You Need to Know and More
(From left) 50 cent and his son Marquise Jackson. 50 Cent and his son Sire Jackson. (Photos: @199viq/Instagram, @50cent/Instagram)

50 Cent and Jamira May Have a Child in the Future

She currently does not have a child, but she is open to the idea of starting a family. Haines told her followers in 2020 to calm their anticipation for a baby announcement. In a tweet, she wrote, “give it another 2 years and you guys’ll be cyber aunties & stop asking lol.”

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