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‘50 Gon Leave Her Bruh’: Cuban Link Calls The Game a ‘Bozo’ After He Tells 50 Cent to Keep Her Out of His DMs, Fans Post Receipts

It is no secret that 50 Cent and The Game, two rappers who used to be a crew, are now mortal enemies. As the Compton native prepares to drop his new album “Drillmatic,” his promotion has included dusting up old headlines and poking the biggest bear in the industry, his former boss.

“Hit @therealswizz & @timbaland ASAP & stop runnin from this verzuz …. Oh’ n tell ya girl stay out my DM’s… if she don’t want her man over weight, fat as f### hanging upside down like rotisserie chicken at the Super Bowl … come to @thenuminati. #LeaveMeAloneImBingeWatchingPower,” he wrote on social media.

The “girl” The Game was referencing is Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines, a woman now dating 50 Cent.

Over seven years ago, the vixen slid into his DM to toss her bid in to star in his next video. The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, kept and posted the receipts. 

The screenshot of the DM showed the beauty with a denim jacket on, opened to expose her bare breasts and sculpted tummy, and some high-cut black panties.  

The 2015 message from the then-20-year-old said, “Video girl?? … keep in mind.” 

She accented her statement with the “looky eyes” and “prayer hands” emojis. She punctuated the message with a phone number from South Jersey, the area she grew up in.

Haines saw the post that used her as a way to diss her man and clapped back.

“Naaa what [side eye emoji] not from 2015 when everyone wanted to be a ‘ ViDeO giRl !! You irrelevant f*cking bozo .. [crying laughing emoji] [facepalm emoji] You thought you ate with that one,” the 27-year-old tweeted.

According to The Neighborhood Talk, fans dug a little deeper and saw just how long Haines had her eyes on the former G-Unit soldier. 

They pulled out a tweet from Jun. 10, 2014, where she wrote, “the game so handsome lawddddd.”

It is interesting to note that 50 Cent has not responded and that both The Game and Cuban Link have erased all references to this exchange.

The deletion of the exchange, which many captured for their own amusement, didn’t stop people from commenting on social media.

“Yikes. Old tweets and inboxes”

“She wasn’t lying because he was and still FINE AF.”

“Glad I ain’t got no Twitter…. 😂😂 because yo past is yo present.. y’all stay safe”

“50 gon leave her bruh😂😂😂it don’t matter how long ago it was😂😂”

“Note to self📝 : Delete your Twitter account before you make it big 🤣🤣”

Some people agreed with the beauty, saying the tweets are old and should not be a big deal.

“Why y’all bringing up tweets from 2014 ??”

“So…. It’s not that serious 😒… It’s not like she was with 50 during that time. That’s old as f##k.”

The beef between 50 and The Game was recently reignited after the Queens emcee took shots at his former protégé, Ace Show Biz reports.

Both The Game and Jimmy Iovine, the music executive that founded Interscope records, were at a Los Angeles Lakers game and did not speak.

The “Power” showrunner said, “LOL The Man didn’t even look at him,” Fiddy wrote. “Get this guy out of here 50 wrote the records. LMFAO.” 

Swiftly, The Game responded, “N***a, I ain’t even see Mr. Burns. [And] if you wrote my records… write you one today & put it out n***a !!! Your rap career died wit them loli pop strap tank tops [lollipop emoji] .. you a actor, n that’s why you ran to tv… give us season 2 of that Tommy bulls**t & leave this rap s**t to n***as who can spell correctly & actually got bars goofy n***a !!! #HeGoneDeleteThisCommentInTheCar.” 

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