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‘Safaree Gotta Be the Corniest Ever’: Safaree Faces Backlash After Apologizing to ‘Love & Hip Hop Cast Mate Lyrica Anderson for Lying to Ray J About Being Intimate with Her

Safaree Samuels decided to finally address a four-year rumor concerning him being intimate with his former LHH Hollywood co-star Lyrica Anderson

In a series of tweets, Samuels’ admitted the crazy drama during the show’s fifth season was all made up.

“I just saw that LHH special with Hollywood and I just want to make it clear that me & Lyrica have never even came close to messing around. lowkey me & A1 made the whole thing up. [laughing emoji] We on TV we had a job to do and we did it [shrug emoji] That’s my brother & sister right der. It’s TV tho duh.”

Lyrica Anderson, Safaree Samuels. (Photos: @lyricaanderson/Instagram, @safaree/Instagram)

In another tweet, Samuels tagged Anderson apologizing for how far the messy rumor went. 

“It wasn’t was supposed to go as far as it did so just wanna say sorry to you @lyricaanderson because I didn’t know it bothered you. I’m not gonna lie tho that was the most fun I ever had filming tho [laughing emojis] Me & A1 use to be crying love y’all”

Samuels’ apology quickly reached gossip blogs such as The Shade Room, which opened the door for Anderson’s ex-husband, A1 — who was also friends with Samuels — to step in and share his side of the lie.

“Everyone was in on it.. Y’all welcome for an exciting Season. Lhh was getting boring with all the female drama so we shook s–t up.” He stated.

To Anderson’s dismay, she was not in on the lie and made sure to voice that in The Shade Room’s comments section. 

“Who ‘all’ was in??? I don’t have s–t to do with something that didn’t happen! Saving face is a hella a drug,” she wrote.

Many fans agreed with the R&B songstress as they called Samuels and A1 corny for creating drama to receive views. 

“Safaree gotta be the corniest ever”

“Dude, that was your wife. Literally sacrificed your marriage for temporary tv time”

“So everyone was in on it except for her? That’s corny!”

No other cast members from season five have commented on the situation.

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