‘I Feel Sorry for Them Kids’: Erica Mena Breaks Down After She’s Made Aware of How Much Her Ex Safaree Samuels Has to Pay for Child Support

Although Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels have been divorced since September of this year, the drama between the pair’s legal agreement recently unfolded during “Love & Hip Hop: ATL.” 

In the Nov. 7 episode, Mena, who married the rapper in 2019, was seen celebrating, after being told by a person who appears to be her attorney that her divorce from her ex Samuels was officially finalized. 

Erica Mena breaks down after she finds out how much her ex-husband Safaree Samuels has to pay for child support following their divorce. Photo:@Screenshot/Twitter

While screaming and hugging her friends, including Lil Scrappy, Mena said, “Oh my god, I’m officially divorced.” The conversation took a turn after the reality star found out how much Samuels was set to pay in child support for their two children: Safire Majesty Samuels and Legend Brian Samuels.

Mena’s excitement quickly shifted to frustration after she was told that she was not only awarded primary custody of her two children, but that Samuels didn’t have to pay any child support.

She said, “I’m officially primarily custodian of the kids. What about the child support? That’s it…That’s crazy, why. Are you f–king kidding me? Now all this financial burden of my children is on me. It’s not fair.”

After receiving the news, during a confessional, Mena shared the importance of judging a man by their actions. She said, “when a man shows you who he is you have to believe them. When anybody shows you who they are you have to believe them.”

She added, while seemingly still coming to terms with the outcome, “That’s the f–ked up s–t that comes with being a woman that so ride or die about love… Ladies and gentlemen, learn your partner before you jump ahead and fall in love with the words and all of that stuff that make up the fairytale because when no one is looking, that’s when everything goes left.”

Toward the end of the clip, Mena would ultimately share the details with her “LHH: ATL” castmates Bambi and Sierra Gates. She said, “Financially, the kids are my responsibility. I have primary custody of them.” The 35-year-old also told her mother the news, who appeared saddened by the judge’s decision.

Mena wrapped up the video by saying despite the outcome, she’s still a believer in love and will take this time to pour love into herself.

As the clip circulated online, many expressed how bad they felt for Mena and her children. One social media user went as far as to question the judge’s verdict.

“What kind of judge gave that verdict. A man who is financially cabable can’t take care of his kids? Sad..”

“The only victims in this unfortunate situation are the two kids.”

“Safaree must be broke because why he couldn’t just stop that bs step up & help this woman financially with their children.I feel sorry for them kids cause they daddy ain’t s–t like frfr.”

“This is heartbreaking idgaf about her past no women should be put through this when she didn’t create the child alone. Praying for you.”

Although it is unclear when the “LHH: ATL” episode was originally shot, in the September court documents, Samuels was ordered to pay $4,305 in child support, and he and Mena are sharing joint custody of their children.

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